Simple Farming

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Simple Farming


Simple Farming is a Minecraft 1.14 Forge agriculture mod. It focuses on expanding the vanilla farming system by adding new fruits, vegetables, and meals. Right-click harvesting is also added, which allows the player to harvest crops from any mod without having to break the crop. View the updated crafting recipes here or download the Just Enough Items (JEI) mod. If you would like to easily see each item's hunger value and saturation, download the AppleSkin mod.

Please report any bugs/issues through the issues tab or Github. Feel free to use in your modpack as well!

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Pandory and Janeela - German translation 

TataricAcid - Chinese translation

Enzo1209 - Spanish translation

FastIkirlX - Russian translation

FastIkirlX - Ukrainian translation

Crusader of R'hllor - Latin translation

Swetowit - French translation

Elidrin- Smart-harvesting 





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