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A Minecraft 1.16.5 Forge mod that adds decorative blocks and items.



Note about 1.17: while an update is planned it is not a priority as this version is not indented to become played a lot: it will just prepare the terrain for 1.18. Asking for update / ETA is useless, it will be done when it's done.



• starting from 1.15.2 EmbellishCraft now requires Mapper Base to be installed!

• for 1.15.2 Forge 31.2.0 seems to be too old, please use 31.2.21 or newer to avoid crashes.


EmbellishCraft is a mod adding many decorative blocks to allow you more creativity in your buildings! Most blocks don't have any specific functionality but some can be interacting with, like the chairs or the doors.


This mod adds a lot of blocks and recipes and making a list of the recipes or a wiki would take too much time. It is highly recommended to install Just Enough Items to quickly access the block list and the recipes. 


Biome O'Plenty is supported by this addon: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/embellishcraft-biomes-oplenty-addon


Current additions:


- World generation (with configurable settings) for 6 different rocks that you can find underground as pockets (similar to diorite, granite or andesite):

  • basalt: a dark volcanic stone, mostly found near the bottom of the world
  • marble: a bright stone found above sea level
  • gneiss: a bright found around sea level, more common than marble
  • slate: a dark bluish stone mostly found a bit under sea level
  • larvikite: a bluish stone found under sea level
  • jade: a rare greenish stone found above sea level, less frequent than marble

- Bricks blocks with stairs, slabs, walls and pressure plates variants

- Large bricks blocks with with stairs, slabs, walls and pressure plates variants

- Paving blocks with stairs, slabs, walls and pressure plates variants

- Tiles blocks with stairs, slabs, walls and pressure plates variants

- Cobblestone bricks blocks with stairs, slabs, walls and pressure plates variants. They match cobblestone bricks from Quark (credit to their devs for the texture).

- Roof tiles blocks from all the rocks generated by Minecraft and EmbellishCraft (except regular stone).

- Paving stones, useful to create paved streets like in old cities. Also comes with slab, stairs, wall and pressure plate variants.

- Wallpaper blocks with stairs and slabs variants + a variant with a plinth

- Chairs with 6 wood variants: right click on it to seat, sneak to leave it

- Couches that connect together like stairs, with 16 color variants. Like chairs, right click to sit.

- New fancy beds, available in 16 colors and 6 wood variants.

- Pillows, act like small beds, available in 16 colors.

- New fancy chests, available in 6 wood variants.

- Lockers that can be locked by shift clicking it as the one having placed them to protect their contents. Resist explosions.

- Wooden crates, available in 6 wood variants, that will keep their contents when broken. Like a cheaper version of the Shulker Box.

- Table lamps coming in 16 colors, can be lit using redstone or manually toggled depending of the variant used.

- Tables and fancy tables that automatically attach themselves when placed together (except if the tables are made from different wood).

- Plates that can be stacked up to 8 by right clicking on an existing plate with a plate in hand (more features coming in the future).

- New fancy wooden doors.

- Terrace tables and chairs, with 6 wood variants + iron variant

- Metallic blocks: corrugated plates, bulkheads, iron and steel beams, plates, ladders and vent ducts, perfect for industry themed builds!

- Suspended stairs, with steel and wooden variants. Two variants exist: small and large steps. It is possible to sit on them.

- Steel doors, with multiple variants (basic, sturdy or with a warning sign, and in bare steel, white painted steel or rusty steel). Like iron doors, they require redstone signal to be used. Sturdy doors are more resistant and can handle explosions.

- More to come!


Please only download this mod on CurseForge. Other sources like the mod rehost websites may host malicious contents in the provided files, along with wrong or mislabeled versions. They must be avoided for your safety.


Most crafts are done using the crafting grid, but you can also use the stonecutter to slice many blocks (bricks, cobblestones, stones, pavings...) into slab / stair / wall / pressure plate counterparts.

Use Just Enough Items to have a easier access to the crafts. When I'll figure out how to make recipe advancement work the Minecraft crafting book will tell you how to craft the blocks.


Remember to report any problem or bug! Thanks.




Q: Can you add X in the mod?

A: Yes, you can suggest ideas with a picture to illustrate and if I find it interesting then I can try adding it. 


Q: Can you backport to 1.12.2 / 1.7.10 / another version?

A: No, older versions are way different which would take too much time. Also stop asking modders 1.7.10 versions, this thing is 5+ years old and 7 major release late. 


Q: What about a Fabric version?

A: I don't have time and motivation to setup and learn another modding interface. So Fabric is not in my plans.


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