Project MMO

344,352 Downloads Last Updated: May 17, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

Huge thanks to BoodlyNeck, the maker of the video, for doing such a great job!

(Project MMO starts at 3:14)


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Supported mods:

Craft Tweaker API support (read Source README.txt)
100% Curios Items support
99.9% of the mods are compatible with PMMO

PMMO and NBT Compat - NBT Json Config support

PMMO Bridge - a compatibility mod that adds pmmo support to several mods!

Cooking for for Blockheads Compatibility mod by ToxicMintTea!

1.15 Requires mixin for a few of the features! (nothing major)

Fast Furnace mod will break PMMO Smelting and Cooking,
possibly crash, too. Click Me to get a version of Fast Furnace that will work!

Want to add your own language? Click Me!
Want to integrate your mod with this mod? Contact me on Discord!
Some of the other values can be generated automatically,

while others have to be specified by the player/modpack creator/me.

Feel free to use this mod in a modpack, as long as you link this page,
and the modpack does not require anyone to pay, in order to play it!