Ageing Spawners

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This mod allows you to make mob spawners break after X amount of spawns.

There's 2 modes:



In WHITELIST mode only whitelisted mobs will have their spawner dissapear. You can whitelist mobs under the Whitelist section.

An example of valid syntax is "minecraft:pig" or "minecraft:pig;5" which will make it so any pig spawner can only spawn 5 pigs before breaking. If the amount of spawns isn't set it uses the maxSpawnCount in the Whitelist section.


In BLACKLIST mode it's the opposite. The only spawners that won't break will be the ones in the blacklist. You can blacklist mobs under the Blacklist section.

The blacklist only requires the mob registry name. So a valid syntax would be "minecraft:pig".


The config is located within the serverconfig folder inside the world. (as of version 1.1.0 for 1.16.5+ configs are located in the regular config folder)



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