Simply Jetpacks 2

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This mod is a small addon to Ender IO and ThermalExpansion (more mods to come). It adds jetpacks that can be used to fly and so called Fluxpacks which can be used to charge things in your inventory on the go. The jetpacks and Fluxpacks are powered by RF and are fully compatible with Forge's energy system. (probably Tesla, too, in the future).


If you have suggestions for new features or enhancments, please tell me on our Discord server or on my website. On my website you can also find the latest infos about development in form of more or less regularly blog posts. If you want to stay on the bleeding edge in terms of information you can also follow me on Twitter, @Tomson124.


The link to the latest dev builds can be found on the website, too.


Yes, you may use this mod in your modpack. Please do not PM me about it.

If you encounter a problem please do not comment here or on Discord but open a issue on Github.


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If you like the mod and want to help its development, donations are always welcome as well as new patreons:


Most up to date information is available at the Github repo.


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