Mapper Base



Mod updated for 1.19.2. Development is currently limited to maintenance only with no active feature development.


What is Mapper Base?

Mapper Base is a library mod that provides basic elements and functionalities to my other mods. It's literally named after my nickname, nothing more.

Since 1.17.1 the only notable addition for players is steel. Everything else is just code under the hood used by EmbellishCraft and Road Stuff.


For 1.15/1.16 versions the mod provides:

- a new material, steel, with associated tool and armor sets. Steel is similar to iron in terms of efficiency but lasts longer.

- a new material, raw bitumen, that generates in the world and allows making asphalt.

- a new fuel, bituminous coal. Can be crafted by surrounding a coal with 8 raw bitumen in a 3x3 crafting grid. 8 pieces of bituminous coal will be created. 8 bituminous coals will smelt 10 items (2 more than one coal). This gives bitumen an alternative use as its abundance can quickly fill your chests if you mine all of it.

- asphalt blocks, a new decorative block to create very basic roads.

- concrete blocks, a new decorative block for buildings and roads.


Please only download this mod on CurseForge. Other sources like the mod rehost websites may host malicious contents in the provided files, along with wrong or mislabeled versions. They must be avoided for your safety.

How to craft steel

Crafting steel is a long and expensive process if you use the basic setup provided by Mapper Base. With other mods such as Immersive Engineering or Mekanism more complex but way more efficient setups are available.

The steps to produce steel ingots are:

• blasting iron ingots in a vanilla blast furnace (this consume a whole coal per ingot). This will produce ferrite.

• craft 3 ferrite into raw dust

• blast raw steel into a steel ingot (this consume ½ coal)

This only require a vanilla blast furnace. However each steel ingot requires 3 iron ingots and almost 4 coal and this is where setups from other mods are becoming interesting. Will you want a quick but inefficient setup or a more complex but way more efficient one from other mods? It's up to you! 

Where to find bitumen (1.15 / 1.16 only)

Bitumen comes in rarer but bigger pockets compared to regular ores. However they can only be found at sea level, in biomes that are not too hilly or mountainous.

The best way is to look around rivers or coasts, or search for caves close to the surface. Otherwise simply dig near the surface around sea level to find pockets.


- mapperbase-client allows you to enable a Tag viewer: when enabled, hold CTRL while hovering an item with your mouse to see its tags in the tooltip (useful for modders and pack makers)

- mapperbase-common allows you to tweak raw bitumen generator parameters: you can increase / decrease vein sizes, occurrences or simply disable generation (1.15 / 1.16 only)



Currently, the mods that require Mapper Base to be installed are EmbellishCraft and Road Stuff.


This mod is only intended to work with Forge. Fabric is not supported neither planned at this time.