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Classic Bars


Classic Bar

Classic Bar is a mod that replaces the traditional icon rows in the HUD with icon bars. With this comes some new benefits.




Instead of adding additional rows when health/absorption is over 20, the bars always stay the same length whether you have 20 health or 200 health.


This mod is capable of showing armor over 20 where the vanilla caps the display, but it will cap out at 30 unless the Armor Attribute cap is removed with another mod.


This makes mods such as Overloaded Armor bar, Colorful Health bar, and Armor Toughness Bar irrelevant as this mod already has those improvements baked in.


In addition, this mod also shows the saturation and exhaustion levels of the player, which are normally not seen


Note: this feature does NOT need Appleskin/Core, this mod has 0 dependencies


 (running around)


And when holding a food item, it's potential saturation/hunger will be overlayed on top of the hunger bar


Armor toughness is shown above the hunger bar (only vanilla diamond armor by default has it but other mods may add stronger armor.)


Mod Compat 


Random Things (Lava Waders/Fire Charm)

Lava Waders Bauble (The name)

Tough as Nails (Thirst Bar)

Botania (Tiara)

Iblis (Hunger amounts)



Clientside only.


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