Decorative Winter

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This mod adds several winter themed decorative blocks, some of them based on the Decorative Blocks mod.

 This was created for MMD WinterJam 2020.


VERSIONS: 1.16.2~5 , 1.18

DEPENDENCIES: Decorative Blocks




  • Wreath, craft with sweet berries
  • Festive Chain
  • Snowy Palisades, snowloggable
  • Snowy Seats, snowloggable
  • Dry Grass Blocks
  • Dry Tall Grass/Large Fern
  • Dry Grass/Fern, snowloggable, hit with a snowball to get the snowy version
  • Wood Branches
  • Fluid Snow, shear powder snow to turn it into a thatch-like fluid



Frosty wand

  use on normal palisades/seats to get the snowy version. 
  use on grass/foliage blocks to turn all grass/foliage in the area to the dry versions



smelt grass, foliage, leaves to get dry grass/foliage and branches

use snow blocks on palisades/seats/grass/foliage to get the snowlogged block

use a shovel on a snowlogged block to remove snow