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- Can I use ZeroCore as a dependency of my mod? Yes. Drop on discord if you have any question on how to use it

- Fabric ? Yes, I'm working on it. No ETA yet but it's coming


ZeroCore is a mod intended for other mod authors

It contains code to handle the basic mechanics of the game and Forge, including:

- handlers to process network messages on the correct thread

- new GUI system

- a base TileEntity implementation that simplifiy data syncronization between server and remote clients, updates and GUI handling

- helper classes and blockstate properties to handle connected textures

- standard configuration handler with built-in support for in-game configs changes

- standard ore generator and re-generation

- much more

It's also the home of a revised multiblock API that support multiple client mods without performance penalities



ZC is available on my maven rep: https://maven.zerono.it/



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Since many of you have asked, I've opened a Discord server. Ask questions about my mods, share your Reactors designs and report issues. You can also find me on the Minecraft Forge discord server or the Direwolf20 one. Happy chat.



You can add Zero Core to your mod pack or use them in your let's play / live streams to your heart content, no need to ask for my permission: you got it.

If you like, post a comment here or on the main forum thread to let's us know what fun stuff you are doing with the mods so we can all share in the fun. 


No one is authorized to repost my mods, or any part of them, on any other website other then Curse Forge. If you wish, you can link to this page from your website to let your users download the mod.



We release our mods only on the Curse client or the FTB launcher and on the following websites:

- Curse Forge : https://minecraft.curseforge.com

- Curse : https://mods.curse.com

If you found our mods on another website be sure that they do not come from us and we cannot guarantee that you are downloading something safe to use and that will work on your version of Minecraft. To keep things short: do not download those files and always use the Curse client or the FTB launcher or Curse / Curse Forge websites



A tutorial about the Multiblock API is available here: 


It's not up-to-date but still relevant.