Teka RPG

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Are you looking for that classic modded minecraft experience, but you just wish that minecraft had stronger RPG influences? Well look no further!


Teka RPG has strong RPG gameplay, with a vast range of weaponry, RPG huds and looting, and realistic water and thirst physics. Build complex bases with Framed Blocks, in new and exciting landscapes and biomes, battling through tough new climates and seasons.
Create machines and factories, as you develop tech starting from the basics of the create mod, unlocking steam power, electricity and more! With advanced storage systems introduced with Iron Checks, Storage Drawers and Simple Storage Networks, the possibilities are endless.

Craft custom tools with tetra, or make fancy weaponry with spartan weapons and shields, to go and battle through new modified caves, dungeons and biomes, unlocking cool new trinkets and baubles to help you on your way.
Harvest and Cook fancy new foods with Farmers Delight, but be careful for the season dependent weather, introduced with Serene Seasons!

All of this and more, just download Teka RPG for the best RPG inspired tech mod pack!

Water Source’s thirst bar won't render on custom hud’s from RPG Hud


- Add more custom recipes

- Add a quest book


If you have any suggestions for mods i could add to this modpack, or any recipes or improvements i could make, please feel free to leave them below!

This is my first modpack and any feedback is greatly appreciated

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