Total Darkness


This is a Port of True Darkness to Forge as the author has stated they wouldn't want to port to Forge themselves but allows other people to.


Moody brightness not dark enough?  Do you want moonless nights and unlit caverns to be pitch black?  This mod is for you!


Quick Facts

  • Full moon = normal Minecraft brightness
  • New moon = no light at all
  • No torch light and no sky light = pure black, irrespective of moon phase
  • For Forge Mod Loader
  • Client-side only
  • No dependencies



Configuration is in config/darkness-client.toml

dark_overworld: enable in Overworld (default: true)

dark_default: enable in modded dimensions with a sky, like Overworld (default: true)

dark_nether: enable in Nether (default: true)

dark_end: enable in End (default: true)

dark_skyless: enable in modded dimensions without a sky, like End and Nether (default: true)

dark_nether_fog: Set to a value between 0.0 and 1.0 (inclusive) to make Nether fog darker (default: 0.5) 

dark_end_fog: Set to a value between 0.0 and 1.0 (inclusive) to make End fog darker (default: 0.0) 








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