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Farmer's Delight Compats

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This mod tries to make the modded cooking experience more consistent and connected by adding many different integrations to Farmer's Delight. It adds heat sources, compost activators, comfort foods, recipes & knife compatibility. You don't need any mods other than Farmer's Delight for this mod to work, just the ones you want.

Currently, this mod adds some specific kind of integration for:

  • All modded campfires/fire
  • Aquaculture 2 (recipes, knives)
  • Biomes O' Plenty (compost activators)
  • Oh The Biomes You'll Go (compost, cooking pot integration)
  • BetterEnd Forge (compost activators, cooking pot integration)
  • Extended Lights (cooking pot integration)
  • Decorative Blocks (cooking pot integration)
  • Valhelsia Structures (cooking pot integration)
  • Forbidden & Arcanus (recipes, foods)
  • Quark (compost activators)
  • Berry Good (comfort foods)
  • Crock Pot (recipes)
  • ...see images

Also check out Farmer's Tea, my mod that adds integration for Simply Tea and Abnormals Delight for some Abnormals mods foodstuffs!

You may freely use this mod in any CurseForge modpack.

Additional credits:

  • Thanks to vectorwing for Farmer's Delight (amazing mod)