Smarter Farmers (farmers replant)

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Smarter Farmers

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📖 About 📖

Smarter Farmers is a very simple mod that makes farmers a bit less dumb


Remember to turn on mob giefing. Otherwise farmers won't be able to do anything!

Farmers can now:


  • Interact, plant and replant modded crops

  • Replant crops according to some logic. No longer will they pick the first seed they have but they'll try to replant what they just harvested instead

  • If no crop is being replanted farmers will choose a new crop to plant based on the crops around it. No more lone single patches of carrots n your wheat field!

  • Accept and pick up seeds from said crops & prevent non farmers from doing the same

  • Will equip a hoe while performing their farm task. Its tier depends on their villager level

  • No longer trample farmland

  • Can plant and replant on non non vanilla farmland like blocks, tweaked via a "farmer_plantable_on" tag. By default includes blocks like Supplementaries' planter

  • Can harvest special non crop like blocks, tweaked via a "crop_replaceable" tag. By default includes stuff like Immersive Weathering's weeds and Overweight Farming and Hefty crops big crop blocks

  • Are immune to sweet berry bush damage

  • In addition all villagers will now accept and breed with any (modded) food item you throw at them

❤️Support Me❤️


Modding is taking a lot of my time, so if you like what I do, and you would like to support me, you can do so here. If you do, you'll receive a custom Globe and or Statue just for you! This also applies if you purchase a server from Akliz using "supplementaries" code.


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