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254,631 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 4, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5
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A mod adds more compat items, recipes related to Create.

Required Create 0.3
Download --> here

Mods / ore tags that are supported by recipes:

- Abundance

- Autumnity

- Bayou Blues

- Better Beekeeping

- ElementalCraft

- End Reborn / #forge:ores/tungsten

- Ice and Fire

- Mekanism

- Rats

- SimpleOres / forge:ores/adamantium, #forge:ores/mythril

- Tinkers Construct / #forge:ores/cobalt

- Wyrmroost

- Astral Sorcery (WIP)

- Better End (Planned)

- Blue Skies (Planned)

- Futurepack (Planned)

Mods supported by tags:


- Abundance

- Autumnity

- Atmospheric

- Bayou Blues

- Better Beekeeping

- Buzzier Bees

- Endergetic Expansion

- Neapolitan

- Twilight Forest

- Upgrade Aquatic

Note: DO NOT use the versions below 1.4.1a of this mod with Create 3.2 or above, this will cause the crash.

You can also help me on GitHub if you want!

Just put this to your modpack if you want :D


Trivia (better to read it actually)

Busier than usual, there will not be too many updates in a short time, sorry.
I'll basically reply every comment, so, please think more before you do it. Never try to kill me that way please D:
Probably will be updating both 1.16 and 1.17 version after new version of Create comes out, since... the hardest part is drawing textures lol

You will see the icon style is quite a bit weird compared to other Create mod addons' icons, this is because I don't really know how I make it and felt like this probably works? Just comment how you think. 

Also, be aware that some files are the same when downloaded was an intentional thing, just don't want people keep the glitched files and mess them up.

This mod added some item, fluid, recipe and tag supports related to other mods to Create.
Those features could make Create more compatible to play with, such as you can do the ore processing of create with the items from other mods. here.



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