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This is a drinking mod.To keep living,player need to drink clear water or eat some water-rich food.In the begining of the survival,making a strainer and creating a purified water with water bottle is a common way to keep water.If player's water is insufficient,player will receive punishment.

*This mod is still in Test Phase


Now it has:

-Thirst System:

  • Water level Reduce: Player's water level will reduce when he/she/it walk/swim/jump/run/dig block or just be exposed to the sun in warm/hot boime(that reduce very slowly).
  • Reward: If player's water level > 17 , food level > 10 ,player will heal gradually(half heart/5s) and reduce some water level.
  • Punishment: If player's water level <= 6 ,player would get slowness and weakness effect.
  • Right Click Water Block: Sneak and right click water, and you can drink it! But there are 5% probability to be poisoning and 80% be thirst.

-two Effects:

  • Thirst: Player's water level will decline faster.
  • Accompanying Soul: Reduce 15% (+ [amplifier * 5]%)  attack amount.In the Nether the effect will increase to 20% (+ [amplifier * 6]%).

-five Strainer items:

  • Primitive Strainer/Paper Strainer -> Purified Water Bottle
  • Soul Strainer/Paper Soul Strainer -> Soul Water Bottle
  • Everlasting Strainer: Never damaged.
  • Dirty Strainer: can burn 3 items time.

-various Blocks:

  • Coconut Tree: Generate on beach.
  • Coconut: Can be placed on ground,can grow to sapling on sand/red sand.
  • Coconut Tree Head: Placed on Coconut Tree Log,it can bear coconut.
  • WaterFilter: Right click up part with strainers and fill it with water,it will work.The strainer will be damaged until it turn into "dirty strainer",right click up part with new strainer can replace the old strainer.
  • Redstone WaterFilter: Can output redstone power by Redstone Comparator - has strainer +5, has liquid +2 ,liquid is full +2.
  • Props of WaterFilter: 

-various Other Items:

  • Leather Water Bag: Can drink six times (capacity:1500mB).Right click on water can be filled with water.
  • Wooden Cup: Can drink one time.Right click on water can be filled with water.


Translation Thanks:

  • Russian provided by kazmurenko.
  • Korean provided by mindy15963.


If you install After The Drizzle mod,player's water level will be reduced in hot/heat state.

Supported food's water level's mod (mc1.15.2): Simple farmingVanilla food pantry、 After The Drizzle



You can add water level recipes, thirst recipes and water filter recipes by datapack.

The two sorts of recipes respectively have three types.
        thirst_item | thirst_fluid | thirst_nbt
        water_level_item | water_level_fluid | water_level_nbt
item means recipe just detect if two itemstack have same item;fluid means both detect items and fluids in items, and the recipe json of this type need the string "fluid";nbt means both detect items and their nbt, and the recipe json of this type need the string"nbt"。


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