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About 1.16

The update to 1.16 is waiting on Forge to properly support worldgen mods.
You can follow progress of the main road block at the following link. Thanks for your patience.



TerraForged is an ambitious new terrain generator mod for Minecraft (Java Edition) attempting to create more immersive,
inspiring worlds to explore and build in. Featuring an overhaul of the vanilla generation system, custom terrain shapes,
simulated erosion, better rivers, custom decorations, tonnes of configuration options, and more!




1) Install forge for the target version of Minecraft (ie 1.15.2)
2) Add the TerraForged mod jar to your profile's mods folder
3) Select the 'TerraForged' world-type when creating a new world


  • Varied and immersive terrain
  • Erosion and improved rivers
  • Custom features and decoration
  • Extensive configuration options & in-game GUI

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1) "Will this work with other mods' biomes?"
Yes, it should do. When you select 'TerraForged' as the world type, it will look for all available
overworld biomes (vanilla & modded) and incorporate them into world-gen as best as possible.

2) "How can I use this on my server?"
You need to be running a Forge server. Simply add the TerraForged mod jar to your server's mods
folder and set level-type=terraforged in your server.properties file (do this before starting the server)

3) "Will this be ported to Fabric/Bukkit/Spigot/Sponge or old Minecraft versions?"
No. Other modders are welcome to do so though

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Info For Mod Authors

  • Biomes - if you'd like TerraForged to use your custom biomes in world-gen please see this information
  • Blocks - if you'd like your custom blocks to show up in TerraForged's strata layers please see this information

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