Enchant With Mob(Forge)

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Enchant With Mob

This mod adds the Enchanter from Minecraft Dungeons
Enchanted Mobs will be harder to fight...



  • Adds Enchanted Mobs(they will be more powerful)
  • Adds the Enchanter From Minecraft Dungeons. This mob can "Enchant" and make hostile mobs stronger
  • Difficulty based enchanted entity spawn(It can be changed using the config file)
  • Enchanters can also join raids 
  • You can enchant yourself (ver2.0.0~)


modders Info:

  • If you want to make an addon, you can add more enchanted mobs or enchants



  • Add More MobEnchants



  • Edmord - texture artist
    Evo - documented the CF page
    BaguChan - OriginalCoder(he is quit this project now)

Shurf012- Active Coder

my mods discussion channel is here!(Evo's Discord): https://discord.gg/MDfJxJZ


Warning: backport not planned



    • You can fork, modify, or use the code in your project.
    • It can also be used for modpack
    • No commercial use
    • Display of copyright holder


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