Farmer's Delight Integration

2,566,508 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 1, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5   +2

This mod adds mod integration to Farmer's Delight 


This mod only requires Farmer's Delight, the rest are optional



Cooking Pot:


Now accepts Glowlight Campfire from Infernal Expansion as a heat source 


Now accepts Brazier, Soul Brazier from Decorative Blocks as a heat source


Now accepts Ender Brazier from Decorative Blocks Modded Compat as a heat source



Additional Information:


Please feel free to comment considerations for additional integrations


All credit to vectorwing and the people responsible for the lovely Farmer's Delight mod


Please see Abnormals Delight for Abnormals mods integration


You may use this in any modpack


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