Dungeons Gear

86,858 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 1, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.4

Available for 1.15.2-1.16.4. 

This mod adds all of the weapons, armors, artifacts and enchantments from Minecraft Dungeons, including DLC content. Everything you need to become a well-armed Minecraft dungeoneer.

You can find these items in survival in all vanilla chests as well as by trading with weaponsmiths, fletchers, armorers, leatherworkers and wandering traders. You can also add to the loot chests of other mods using the config file.

The Dungeons Experience:

There is automatic compatibility with Dungeons Mobs, and it is intended for you to use both mods together. For example, the Armored mobs will spawn wearing their Minecraft Dungeons armors and weapons instead of the regular iron equipment they spawn with if this mod is not used.


Mod Compatibility

This mod is compatible with Enchantment Descriptions.

Armors from this mod can be worn correctly by the Guard Villager, and Illagers using the Illagers Wear Armor mod.

Things To Be Added In The Future:

The Beenest, Beehive, Ghostly, Ghost Kindler, Hungry Horror, Verdant Robe and Black Wolf Armors, and the Soul Lantern artifact, and all of the Howling Peaks DLC content.

Compat with bagu_chan's Enchant With Mob is planned, so stay tuned for the Spellbound Crossbow and the Unchanting enchantment.


If you are looking for a Fabric mod that adds weapons and enchantments from Minecraft Dungeons, check out chronosacaria's MC Dungeons Weapons mod.



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