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Diet (Fabric/Forge/Quilt)


Diet is a mod that facilitates the creation and management of dietary food groups in Minecraft. Diet comes with a default configuration that creates five classical food groups (fruits, grains, vegetables, proteins, and sugars). The mod is highly configurable; users and modpack developers can define their own food groups, classifications, and diet effects.



Food Groups

Food groups are custom dietary groups that represent the types of food that you have eaten. Each group has a value ranging between 0% and 100% depending on how much of that particular category that a player has eaten. These values increase depending on what types of food a player eats and every group gradually decays when the player uses up their hunger bar.

By default, Diet comes with five classical food groups: Fruits, Grains, Proteins, Vegetables, and Sugars.

Configurable options include:

  • Name
  • Item Icon
  • Hexcode Color
  • Ordering
  • Default Value
  • Gain Multiplier
  • Decay Multiplier

Please refer to the wiki for more detailed information.

Dietary Effects

Dietary effects are custom rewards or penalties applied to players based on certain, configurable food group values.

Possible effects can include any registered potion effect, vanilla and modded, as well as modifying attributes directly (i.e. increasing maximum health by an arbitrary value). The conditions for these effects are highly configurable, including checking specific values, checking only subsets of groups, applying effects cumulatively for each matching test, and much more.

Please refer to the wiki for more detailed information.


Please report all bugs, issues, and feature requests to the issue tracker.

For non-technical support and questions, join the developer's Discord.


All source code and assets are licensed under LGPL 3.0.


Donations to the developer can be sent through Ko-fi.



Five Food Groups - Supported Mods

Please request support by opening an issue on the issue tracker or opening a pull request to contribute directly.