Nef's Medieval decoration

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Is there a config file?

No, there is not.
Can you disable structure generation?


This mod is causing problems in my modpack, what should I do?

Delete this mod.


Update for 1.18/1.19?

This mod will be remade from scratch, but as separate modules.





Lite version 9.7:

So, what's new on the mod?

Not much.... just a lot of bug fixes and improvements to some blocks, The saw bank was removed, and the pottery is here to help you create some items.

Nopal was impproved.

Bundles are now uncrafteable (Barrels full of fruit, apples, potatoes, carrots)

Find pumpkin orchards in swamps.

You can sit now on horizontal logs (the large one).
The clay pot now has some stews implemented, don't break it!

Now the mod adds it's recipes to the minecraft recipe book and some advancements had been added as well.

There are two new building blocks, mosaic and adobe bricks, adobe bricks are made of mud and clay, and when hardened they are explosion-proof.

Mosaic can be dye in any color (Not implemented yet).

Not all of the stuff is completed, but this release is stable.


Recipe learning method removed due to performance issues on servers. 

If you find any problem let me know!










 A small guide to show how some blocks work and/or interact with each other.


Contents of the mod in version 0.7

How to craft a mapamundi, Remember: mapamundi will always face left from players view when created, place stool with this in mind.

How small axe works, and how to craft it.

Slingshots, or how to annoy your neighbor by breaking their windows

Cooking pot. The best item this mod adds.


How to craft signs.


Alternate world generation mods like terraforge make structures too common.

This is how wardrobes work.




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 Follow the development of this mod in gamejolt.







When you go on Creative Mode and take any block or item from the Creative menu, all the items in the sack disappear.

If you leave the sack somewhere else in a chest for example, this bug does not happen.






 ✔ Make the mushroom islands more interesting by adding more vegetation

⭕ Add more recipes for the cooking pot

⭕ Factions (at least 4)

⭕ Thrones (At least 4)

⭕ Hostile/Pasive Mobs

⭕ NPC's that actually works...

❌ Uses for grimoires


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