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This mod is open-source, and if you would like to contribute by sending pull requests with helpful code, or by sending issues, we'd be happy to have your help.

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Welcome to ForageCraft! This mod aims to make survival mode easier by giving various blocks extra drops.

For example:

  • Carrots and potatoes can be found in grass blocks
  • Pumpkin and melon seeds can be found in tall grass
  • Ancient bones can be dug up from the dirt
  • Leaves now drop some sticks

These are just a few examples, there are several more for you to find. Additionally, this mod also adds a crafting recipe to turn skulls into bone meal, and also allows you to cook PLANT poisonous potatoes!


Enjoy foraging :)

Support: You may come to the ForageCraft Discord server for any help you need with the mod, and you may create issues on GitHub when you find issues on the mod. Support for MC1.8-1.10.2 is no longer available.

Modpacks: Unless I say otherwise, go ahead, sure, why not?

Horses, sticks, and rocks

Horses with their beloved hay


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