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Silent's Mechanisms

Requires Forge and Silent Lib. Made for Minecraft 1.14.x and later, I will not backport. There are plenty of tech mods for earlier versions.


This mod adds a few simple, common machines, with complete recipe systems. They all run on Forge Energy, so they should be compatible with most other mods. Recipes can be added or changed with data packs. The wiki should contain up-to-date information on creating recipes.


You can blame my Discord server (link above) for the existence of this mod!


This mod is new and still early in development. What's there is usable and the mod is ready to be played in survival. But please remember that textures and recipes will change, blocks and items may be added or removed.


Compatibility, Requirements, and Add-ons

Any mod that uses Forge Energy (FE) or Redstone Flux (RF) should be compatible. A JEI plugin is included, so all recipes can be viewed in-game. Additionally, this mod adds a few materials for Silent Gear. These will be loaded automatically if both mods are installed. Silent Gear is not required.


  • Silent Lib (required library) - Most of my mods use this.
  • JEI (highly recommended) - May as well be a requirement for playing with mods.
  • Silent Gear (optional)



You can add recipes for any machine using data packs, even machines that work with fluids! All recipes go in the recipes folder, same as crafting recipes. Check the wiki page for the block to learn how to write recipes for it. Each page contains a detailed outline of the JSON format, as well as an example.

Version 0.4.0 also adds a variety of ores. All ores can be disabled in the config file (in the config folder).

  • Alloy Smelter - Smelts multiple items into a single item, like copper and tin into bronze.
  • Battery Box - Stores energy. Capacity can be increased by added more batteries to the box.
  • Coal Generator - Generates energy from burnable items (furnace fuels) coal, charcoal, and coal blocks (additional items can be tagged as valid fuels, see the wiki)
  • Compressor - Squeezes items into other items
  • Crusher - Crushes/grinds items, like ores into ore chunks and ore chunks into dust. Up to four outputs per recipes, with the option to add a chance of receiving certain items.
  • Drying Rack - Turns meat to jerky and rotten flesh into leather, among other things. Additional recipes can be added.
  • Electric Furnace - Can smelt anything a blast furnace or a furnace can.
  • Lava Generator - Generates energy from lava. Has an input/output slot for fluid containers if fluid pipes are not available.
  • Mixer - Combines up to four fluids into one fluid.
  • Pump - Picks up nearby fluids from the world. It can also fill fluid containers like buckets or canisters.
  • Refinery - Takes one fluid and converts it into up to four different fluids.
  • Solidifier - Takes one fluid and outputs items. 
  • Wires - Transfers Forge Energy (FE). Use a wrench to change the connection type (input, output, or both). They still have a few quirks, but they are usable in version 0.4.1 and later!


This mod adds a wide range of items, such as crushed ore chunks, dusts, ingots, and nuggets.

  1. Canisters - Stackable fluid containers, useful for transporting large amounts of fluid. Fluid machines will accept these just like buckets, but they may not work with other mods.
  2. Jerky - A food item made with drying racks
  3. Wrench - Used to configure wires. Can also rotate some blocks when sneaking.
  4. Zombie Leather - Made with drying racks, craft four together to make one leather
  5. Notes

  6. Not all blocks have proper textures yet. If you see a block with a plain texture with a letter on it, the texture is a placeholder but the block still functions. If a block is missing its model entirely (purple/black checkboard), it likely does not function yet.
  7. This mod currently does not offer fluid/item pipes. Hoppers should interact with most blocks correctly. Fluids can be transferred with buckets or canisters.

  8. If something seems off...

  9. Do NOT report bugs in the comments!
  10. 1. Make sure you are using the latest version of this mod and Silent Lib
  11. 2. Check the issue tracker ( and the wiki (
  12. 3. Submit a new issue on the issue tracker if it has not been reported, or ask about it on Discord if you are unsure (


Textures are subject to change. Please remember the mod is still in development.





Tutorial for those who are unfamiliar with tech mods: