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Fruitful aims to improve the different fruits in Minecraft by making apples easier to farm, adding new tree-based fruits, and adding some new fruit-related foods.


This mod requires Abnormals Core v2.0.0 or above.


This mod is for Forge 1.16+ and will not be backported nor ported to Fabric. Please don't ask, you'll be ignored.



New Fruits:

Peaches are an alternative to apples that restore less hunger but more saturation. Oranges are a little worse than apples but have some additional uses (see below).


Fruit Leaves:

Oak leaves no longer drop apples; instead, oak trees in forests generate with apple oak leaves, which always drop 1 apple, or potentially more if you're using a Fortune-enchanted hoe. Birch trees in birch forests generate with peach birch leaves, which work similarly, although they're a bit less common. (Bear in mind that this picture is outdated and peaches no longer spawn in regular forests by default)

(Maple trees are from Autumnity and not included in this mod!)

Additionally, small jungle trees (not large ones!) that spawn in jungle biomes generate with orange jungle leaves, which, as you might expect, drop oranges.

The biomes fruit trees generate in are configurable.

Dense Fruit Trees:

Oak, birch, and small jungle trees planted on podzol will grow with a good amount of fruit. By default this is the only way to grow fruit, although the mod can be configured to make non-podzol trees generate with a bit of it.

Apple Pie:

Craft 2 apples, 1 egg, and 1 sugar together to make apple pie, a new food that restores slightly more hunger and slightly less saturation than pumpkin pie.

Peach Cobbler:

Craft a peach, 1 sugar, 1 wheat, and a bowl together to make peach cobbler, a food that stores the same amount of saturation and a bit more hunger than pumpkin pie.

Orange Juice:

Craft an orange and a glass bottle together to make orange juice, a nutritious drink that can be drank quickly!

You can also craft 4 at a time with this alternate recipe:

Quark Compatibility:

Users with Quark installed and the Compressed Blocks feature enabled can store this mod's fruits in the form of Peach and Orange Crates. They can also be used for building!



Backport? Fabric port?

No. Don't ask this, you'll be ignored. Mod is open-source though, feel free to port it yourself :)

Mod seems to be broken when used with Biomes o' Plenty

If you're having this issue then you're on a real old version of the mod! Update to the latest version and it should be fixed.

Can I use this in a modpack?

Go ahead! Just please credit Team Aurora unless it's on CurseForge (which credits mod developers already).


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Ep1c312 - Ideas, coding

- Hellothere - Additional ideas

- Khastkor - Art

cell_membrane_ - Art


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