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This mod adds ducks and geese to minecraft.

It is powered by geckolib and architectury and works on both fabric and forge in version 1.16.

Even though I tested the mod alot it will be released as a beta at first until I am sure it is stable. If you encounter any bugs, please report it on the github issue tracker linked in this project.

NOTE: You will need to install geckolib-forge for this mod to work!

This is the forge version of the mod. For fabric look here.



  • They can be bred with seeds.
  • They lay eggs and drop feathers similar to chickens.
  • Unlike chickens they also like to swim in the water, groom themself and dip their head into the water.
  • Also they dance when there is a music disc playing nearby!
Duck Sack
  • You can craft a duck sack and use it to transport ducks similar to how you can bucket fish.


  • They can be bred with all kinds of seeds similar to ducks.
  • But they love kelp and seagrass even more. You can tame them using those!
  • Similar to dogs they will try to attack with you and defend you from attacking monsters.
  • Once tamed you can sit them down, give them weapons.
  • Geese know how to defend themself and once attacked they will remember and fight you in groups.
  • They will forgive you though when you give them food by right clicking or throwing it to them.
  • They will scare away illagers similar to how cats scare away creepers.
  • Rarely they will try to steal your item in your hand.
  • They will happily exchange that for food though, so you don't have to kill them.
Goose Foot
  • Item dropped from geese.
  • Can be used to brew potion of intimidation that scares illagers away(this only works in survival mode!).

Please don't ask for 1.16.4 compatibility. 1.16.4 mods will work in an 1.16.5 instance aswell so there is no reason to run such an old version of minecraft anymore.



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