Delicate and Dainty

11,580 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 14, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.5

This mod adds some charming blocks and items to sweeten your Minecraft world!

JEI is recommended to view the crafting recipes!

Latest Update: Now Updated to 1.16.5! 


Current features:


Sugared Brick: Crafted from brick blocks and sugar, and has a pastel and sugar-coated design.
Can be made into slab, stair, and wall variants!


Love Colored Wool: Crafted from pink wool and pink dye. Has a heart pattern!

(Thanks to Saiko-Chan for contributing the texture!)


Iridescent Imitation Leaves: Crafted from oak leaves and glass. Has an animated texture that shifts colors! 

(Thanks to MCThe_Paragon for the textures, who released them to be used freely)

Macaron: A decadent food item crafted from sugar, milk, eggs, and berries.

Giant Macaron: Crafted from macarons, and can be stacked like slabs! Makes a great decoration option, and can serve as a storage block!

(Thanks to Bumble_Dani for the textures!) 


Flower Crown: Crafted from a few flowers and some string! Can be worn on the head! (Not guaranteed to protect from damage)


This is the only official download page! Please do not download from any other website!

Feedback and suggestions are appreciated!

I hope you enjoy!💖💖💖


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