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Trail Mix


Trail mix adds a single food item, called (surprise surprise) Trail Mix. It is crafted as such:


This food item does plenty of crazy things when eaten.


It grants you:

  • Super Punch (with comic explosion effects!)
  • Super Speed (even without sprinting!)
  • Dispense Fireballs with Middle mouse in an empty hand, once you’ve eaten enough! (Shooting beneath you “rocket jumps” you up!)
  • Fall Dampening (with *poof* effect!)

Only someone like you would eat it… But wait! Perhaps the critters would like them too?

Unfortunately, all the animals turn their heads at trail mix… all but the pig and horse!

Give the pig some trail mix and watch what happens!


It grants pigs:

  • High Pressure Flatulence (pressure so high, you’ll fly!)
  • Explosive Collision Nature (watch where you leave ’em pigs!)
  • Excessive Headbanging


With the power of a saddle and the skills of mounting a pig, you can actually control these pigs mid-flight.


Pig Controls

W – Pitch Down
S – Pitch Up
A – Strafe Left
D – Strafe Right
Space – Speed Up
Left Ctrl/Cmd – Slow Down
Space(Hold) – Sharper turns


It grants horses:

  • High running capabilities!
  • Land ignition capabilities!
  • Wall plowing capabilities!



On top of that, the mod also adds a bunch of tools!

A TMPP Launcher:


A Nyan Pig Launcher:


Hold right click on pigs to add them to your ammo counter. Left click to launch a pig out. Have trail mix in your inventory for extra effects!



Regardless if you use this as a new method of transport, to grief out the world, or just to go wild, this is a mod you shouldn’t pass up!