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This mod requires Patchouli & Curios APIOptionally you can use Just Enough Items for altar and cauldron recipes.


Turtlemancy is a relatively small magic mod themed around turtles. The purpose of this mod is to add a magical way to help you with your minecraft adventure.


Last Update (ver. 1.6)

This update brings a new useful item, The Shell of Encapsulation. You can use it to catch only non-monster creatures of minecraft and other mods.

Also, this update adds a Bedrock Pickaxe. It is capable of picking bedrock blocks in exchange of a lot of its durability.

In this update the scute door´s recipe and model has been changed 

Last, but not least, this update introduce a new ritual where in exchange of Redstone, you will be able to repair any item. (the amount of durability repaired by each redstone is congifurable).

Plus some new recipes in turtlemy.


Basics of Turtlemancy

  • Scute: Turtles drop scute when they grow up. That's the vanilla way of obtaining scute. This mods believes that if turtles drop scute when they grow... that scute may be buried in the sand of the beaches. So, if you break sand in beach biomes there is a possibility to scute to be dropped. This can be disabled or modified in the config. 
  • Oysters: You can find Oysters in beach biomes. Right click a Oyster-sand block to obtain the oyster. The generation of the Oysters can be modified in the config.


  • Getting Started: If you want to discover and learn all about turtlemancy, you´d better craft the turtlenomicon

  • Becoming a Turtlemancer:

Turtles are powerful magical creatures, but they don't know about it. They don't even care! But we know about it now, and we can achieve enormous things using that power. Not anyone can be a turtlemancer anyway, to be one you need to gain their favor. You know what they say:

The Turtle chooses the Turtlemancer.

To let a turtle choose you, bow (press shift) and look into it's eyes when it is looking at you.


Magmatic Turtles

A variant of the regular turtles. Find Magmatic Turtles in the nether and breed them with Warped roots or Crimson roots!


Types of Magic

  • Turtlemy

    Turtlemy; the magic of the equivalent exchange. Fill the turtle cauldron with water. As a turtlemancer you must know how powerful water is and also the fact that heating it won't make the water more powerful . So, unlike other alchemy systems, with Turtlemy you don't need to heat the water therefore, don't be afraid of making a mistake in Turtlemy: You won't lose your items.

    Some turtlemy recipes require certain essence which can be obtained by right-clicking on a creature with a glass bottle.


  • Spells

This is the real magic. Craft your wands, charge them with turtles blessings and take over the world (in a nice way). There are a lot of spells but the coolest ones are the following ones:


*The first spell belongs to ChocolateQuestRepoured. All the credits to their developers. What an amazing mod.


  • Rituals

Performing rituals is not an easy task. Well, technically speaking it is. But let's pretend it's a hard task that only the chosen ones can perform. Rituals are performed to summon creatures or improve certain items.



Other cool stuff

  • Turtlemancer Armor Sets: 

Get a different bonus if you have a full set equipped ;)


  • Turtle Boat: thats what I'm talking aboat!


  • MineTurtle: hello!

  • Pearls: 4 of this pearls works like Ender Eyes but to find other structures such as: Nether Fortress, Villages, Pillagers Outpost and Ocean Monument.

  • Turtle Bowl: just like a regular bowl, but every meal will last a lot longer!

  • Curios items: this mods adds several curios with cool effects. You can read what they do in the Turtlenomicon (in-game guide).


And much more! 



  • Pretty complete showcase made by Kjxbbis (thanks!)
  • A Spanish showcase of 1.1. version by lauchering (thanks!)

Right of Use

  • You can add this mod to a modpack (credits are appreciated). Note that the mod has not be fully tested on servers.
  • Do NOT re-upload this mod on other websites. Always use a link to this page.


*The basic bubble spell belongs to ChocolateQuestRepoured. All the credits to their developers. What an amazing mod.


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