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Roots Classic

Create spell powder using natural ingredients.


Imbue magic wands to cast spells


Perform magical druidic rituals to summon creatures and create special tools and armor.





Crafttweaker support for customizing recipes (zenscript)


Spell Powder



Port of the oldest Roots version for the modern day.  I have been in contact with Elucent in the past as well as EpicSquid the current maintainer of all things Roots, this is a fully authorized port.  


For Roots 2 and all future versions see the current project https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/roots


Roots 1 went through many evolutions as it was developed, many things were added and removed.  Roots 2 was a completely new mod in many ways. This is a port of version 0.107 as seen in Direwolfs classic video.