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Ars Nouveau is a magic mod inspired by Ars Magicka that allows players to craft their own spells, create magical artifacts, perform rituals, and much more. Documentation is provided entirely in-game by Patchouli. To get started with this mod, craft the Worn Notebook using a book and 1 Lapis Lazuli. You can also consult the wiki below.



  • Introduces custom spell crafting - build a spell to fit your needs, anywhere!
  • Craft powerful new baubles and trinkets.
  • Power magical machines.
  • Automate your base with adorable magical servants!


Looking for a pack?

Try Arcane Isles! An Ars Nouveau and Hex Casting skyblock. 


Join the Community!

Join the Discord for help and mingling with other wizards!




Support the Mod

To support this mod, visit our Redbubble store and pick up some Ars Nouveau merchandise!


You can also support us through Patreon! Our Patreon reward tiers include a Discord recognition role and the ability to submit your own ideas for new Caster Tomes that can be found in dungeon loot! You can also earn some merch items over the course of your subscription! Patreon members will also be granted access to the Discord private server.




  • Curios
  • Patchouli
  • Geckolib 3.0 (for Minecraft version 1.16.0+)
  • Geckolib 2.0 (for any Minecraft version after 1.15 and before 1.16.0)
  • Terrablender (Optional dependency to enable the Archwood Forest biome for Minecraft version 1.19+)




Craft your own spells on the fly!




Cast powerful continuous spells that affect the area!



Magical Helpers

Summon a variety of magical creatures to help with automation!



Craft and Enchant Items

Craft powerful items or enchant your gear!



Spotlights and Lets Play


This mod is partnered with Nodecraft!


Looking for addons?

Ars Creo by the Ars Nouveau team - Adds create compatibility to Spell turrets, source jars, and more! 



Too Many Glyphs by DerringerCubed - Adds a new variety of glyphs including filters, special forms, and unique targeting/spell manipulation glyphs.



Ars EnderStorage by MoonWolf - A bridge for Ars Nouveau and Enderstorage, allows you to access your EnderStorage from anywhere, break and place blocks into your chests, and shows numerical mana.



Ars Elemental by Alexthw - Adds 4 new Spell Foci for the Air, Earth, Fire, and Water schools, and a corrupted version of the Summoning Focus that changes your summon to spookier ones.



Ars Scalaes by Alexthw - Adds several cross-mod compatibilities including Pekhui, ProjectMMO, and Scaling Health.



Ars Arsenal by ToxicMintTea - Expands the armor options including Elementalist robes and plate armor that discount, amplify, and provide unique hidden buffs.



Tome of Blood by ToxicMintTea - Integrates with Ars Nouveau and Blood Magic with special glyphs and LP consuming items and spells!



Ars Instrumentum by Sarenor - A variety of quality of life items and recipes for storing/pasting starbuncles, relays, changing gear, and more!



Ars Omega by dkmk100_ludum_dare - Greatly expands the power cap of Ars Nouveau adding powerful new glyphs, blocks, rituals, dimensions, and more.



Zettai Ars by ZettaSword - A cross over mod that integrates Ars Nouveau, Mana and Artifice, and PlayerEx together!