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Omni is a mod that adds all sorts of things I would implement in a real Minecraft update! 


Speleothems: Speleothems are affected by gravity, fill up cauldrons, and deal damage. There are three variants: Stone, Ice (Icicles; these fill up cauldrons faster), and Netherrack (these will fill up cauldrons with Lava in 1.17).

Improved Concrete and Concrete Powder: Concrete Powder can be turned into layers (like snow layers) when right-clicked with a shovel. These layers are still affected by gravity and solidify into a Concrete block of the same height when touching water. This greatly expands the use of Concrete for builders.

Quilted Wool: Wool can be crafted into Quilted Wool, which can further be crafted into Quilted Carpets. They have unique textures based off of the Llama carpet designs; furthermore, Quilted Carpets have connected textures which allows for awesome floor designs. Wandering Traders have a special Wool and Carpet variant just for them.

Glazed Terracotta Pillars: Removed. Reason being: This mod! Check it out, it's really great :D

Lotus Flowers: Jungle-specific flowers that come in 8 different colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Pink, Black, and White. They add some much-needed color to Jungle biomes.

Red Rock: A rock that generate underground in Badlands biomes. It has a nice, red texture (redder than Red Sandstone), and can be crafted into Brick, Chiseled, Pillar, Button, and Pressure Plate variants. The Buttons and Pressure Plates have very interesting properties.

Stackable Flowers: Every vanilla flower can be stacked similarly to Turtle Eggs/Sea Pickles. In the future, this will be auto-compatible with modded flowers.

Enchanted Golden Carrots: These are found in the same locations and are crafted in the same way as Enchanted Golden Apples. However, they give a Speed, Night Vision, and Jump Boost effect along with the generic Regeneration and Saturation. Use them wisely!

Ambient Sounds: Forests, Jungles, Plains, and Swamps have their own ambient sounds when you are inside them. Hear birds and crickets chirping in Forests, or exotic sounds from far away in Jungles, and much more.

Malachite Crystals: Malachite is a green geode crystal variant. They generate and grow just like Amethyst crystals. When 1.17 releases, you will be able to smelt one Malachite block into a Copper Ingot. Renewable copper!

Cobbled Basalt: A simple building block with the top texture of Basalt on every side. Craft it with 2 Cobblestone and 2 Basalt

Seahorses: Seahorses spawn in Warm Oceans and come in each coral color. They drop their respective Coral with a chance at a Kelp drop. You can tame a Seahorse with Kelp or Seagrass. If you tame a large Seahorse (size 6 and up), you can ride it!

Carved Wood: Another building block crafted from 4 of its respective Wood. They have modified versions of the old 1.13 Pre Release 1 textures.

Polar Bear Jockeys: Polar Bears have a 1 in 100 chance (configurable) to spawn with a Stray riding them.

Zombie Horses: If lightning strikes both a Horse and a Zombie, the Horse will transmutate into a Zombie Horse.


Vexed Glass: Coming soon...


New Badlands and Desert Biomes: Coming soon...


Saguaro Cacti and Tumbleweeds: Coming soon...


Make sure to check out Boodlyneck's Mod Showcase! (6:20)


A couple of other things to note...

Issues can be reported on the Github repository.

Do not ask to backport the mod. If you do, I will personally make sure Santa gives you coal for Christmas. The Easter Bunny will not pay you a visit, and every house you visit on Halloween night will be completely devoid of candy. You have been warned.

I am also not backporting any 1.17 features. This is why the Malachite Geodes use Granite and Diorite in replace of Tuff and Calcite.

Compatibility with other vanilla style mods is planned.

Modpacks? Yes! Go right ahead :D