Comfortable Nether

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-Will this get a Fabric port? No, but anyone who wants to has my permission!

-Will this be backported to older versions?  That is impossible since the mod is meant to spice up the 1.16 biomes.

-What is this mod made from?  This mod is made from MCreator using no plugins or addons

-Will this mod be ported to 1.17? It will be ported to 1.18


Comfortable Nether Mod


Brady Cline - Piglin Brutality (coming soon to the mod)

Brady Cline - Brave New World (coming soon to the mod)

Twockx - Fungi Feet


Mod Showcase Videos from Awesome People

(For those wanting to showcase the video, my dms on Discord are always open for help.  Also since my update schedule is weird, those wanting to make a showcase will have full access to finished future content I make that isn't released to the public.)


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What is Comfortable Nether mod?


Comfortable Nether mod aims to improve the sustainability the Nether lacks so that you can live independently from the overworld.  The Nether lacks food, the Soul Sand Valley lacks content, and there aren't enough mobs.  All have been answered by this mod!


The main content of this mod is the following;

-12+ new food items

-10 New Mobs

-Nether gear meant to protect yourself from the elements such as lava and fall damage

-New foliage and blocks to spice up all 5 biomes

-New Decoration blocks meant to make bases more interesting once you reach the mid to end game



Any bugs found can be reported to me on my discord!


The Entire Wiki (Updated to 4.6)



-Weeping Liana plant and Weeping Abscess food: This plant provides an early game food source from the Soul Sand Valley, but it takes twice as long to eat.

-Pummeler Remnant: A remnant from a Pummeler mob hard as a rock, but can be popped with a Weeping Abcess and eaten.

-Popped Pummeler Remnant: The after-product of a Pummeler Remnant which is nutritious and grants Resistance for 10 seconds.

-Dried Crimson/Wart Roots: Roots dried from a campfire that can be used for food and can be compacted into Paper.

-Root Scramble: A typical salad made of dried roots.

-Spirit Soup: A Soul Sand Valley soup that grants Slow Falling for 8 seconds.

-Remnant Stew: A delicious stew brewed with Strider Milk and Popped Pummeler Remnants.  Extinguishes players when eaten.

-Abscess Danish: A dessert made from the ferocious Insatiable's blubber and Weeping Abscess.

-Strider Milk: Milked from a Strider with a bowl, and can be used to extinguish any player and any mob such as pets or Zombie Villagers.

-Urn of Syphoning: One of two Urns made from the emotions of a Disturbed.  This one removes any Poison or Wither in the body.

-Urn of Rage: A very powerful yet lethal Urn that grants Strength III for 30 seconds, but also grants Wither III for 10 seconds, leaving the player at half a heart at the end.

-Urn of Ripening: A healing potion that temporarily buries you alive and heals up to 9 health of damage, but gives you Slowness II for some time as a downside.

-Fungus Bomb: A throwable bomb that does not destroy blocks and does 4-7 hearts of damage to enemies.  It can also be used for getting to high places like rocket jumping in TF2.  Stackable to 16

-Disturbed In a Bottle: A bottle containing a Disturbed mob that can be used for Urns or can be released.

-Soul In a Bottle: A bottle containing a Soul mob that can be used for Soul Torches, Spirit Soup, given to a Nyliun mob, or can be released.

-Lubberkin In a Bottle: A bottle containing a Lubberkin that can be used for trading with a Nyliun for a Strange Apparatus or can be released.

-Insatiable Blubber: Thick blubber that has a multitude of uses, including trading to a Nyliun, crafted into Leads, Danishes, or Fungus Bombs.

-Quartz Bottle:  A bottle that is able to trap spirits within.

-Compacted Dried Roots: Dried roots combined in a Smithing Table which can be later used to craft Paper.

-Iron Rich Basalt: A block that spawns in the underground Basalt Deltas that drops 1-3 Iron Nuggets.

-Withered Remains: The Soul Sand Valley's version of Coal.  It is rare as Diamonds but spawns in clusters of 30-40.

-Scorched Netherrack: A block that spawns in the underground Nether Wastes that has a 50% chance to drop Blaze Powder.

-Suspicious Soul Sand: A block that spawns a Disturbed when broken.

-Abandoned Wreckage: Veins of Netherrack debris in the Nether Wastes that has a rare chance to drop basic loot such as sticks, wheat, charcoal, and the occasional book and wooden log. Can be harvested with an empty hand as well.

-Ancient Netherrack: A new form of Netherrack in the Crimson Forest that is a neat building block with brick variants.  Also used to make a new mob.

-Pummeler Club: A club that hits so hard it causes minor fall damage to mobs with not enough knockback resistance.  Can also be used to move Wallcreep downward for safe traveling down high places.

-Axe of Rectitude: A weapon that Piglin Brutes sometimes wield.  While at 6 health, you will gain Resistance II and Glowing.  Can also be given to a Piglin to gain the Piglin Mogul trading potion effect, but you'll also have to have a Netherite Scrap in your offhand.  This does not remove the Netherite Scrap though.

-Crimson and Warped Rotten Wraps: Wraps made from Rotten Flesh and Dried Roots, which are a little more nutritious than flesh.

-Fuligo: An item in the Crimson Forest that is used to make the Heart of the Nether and can be brewed into the Urn of Ripening.

-Netherite Core: Dropped by the Netherite Golem.  It is the core block for building a new Netherite Golem.

-Music Disc Fungi Feet by Twocxk: A disc that can be crafted using fungus and Netherite scrap

-Music Disc Brave New World by Brady Cline: A disc that can be gotten by trading a Weeping Abscess in a Mogul Trade

-Music Disc Piglin Brutality by Brady Cline: A disc that can be gotten by trading a Flaming Abscess in a Mogul Trade

-Spectral Lantern: A lantern that makes all entities in a 40 block radius glow for a temporary time

-Lava Lamp: a new animated light decoration block

-Somberstone and its brick variants: A new building block made from Blackstone and Insatiable Blubber

-Wallcreep: A new plant in the Warped Forest that can be pushed down using a Pummeler Club, making it easier to get down from high places.  Breaking it with a pickaxe yields netherrack and sometimes a Wallcreep Bloom.  Using Silktouch will get the Wallcreep block.  Fortune affects Wallcreep Bloom harvest rate.

-Wallcreep Bloom: A food source and crafting ingredient for Urn of Inverse

-Padded Leather Boots: Boots when worn will immediately extinguish the user after escaping fire or lava

-Fortified Glass: Glass made from Quartz and Polished Basalt that is strong enough to resist Ghast fireballs

-Blended Barrel: A barrel mixed with Ancient Netherract, which makes it undetectable to Piglins, making it a safe chest in the Nether

-Null Rod: A weapon obtained through Mogul trading that can manipulate speed in a small radius.  Press right click for speed to all entities and players in a radius of 20 blocks, and press shift + right click to give all entities and players slowness in a radius of 20 blocks.

-Piglin Snout: A mask that prevents the player from suffocating while in Y-28 or less in the Basalt Deltas

-Baleen Filter: A minor food source that can be crafted into Golden Snouts and Stuffed Filters

-Stuffed Filter: An upgraded food source from the Baleen Filter, made from it and Nether Warts

-Piled Residue: An ashen Basalt Deltas block that can be broken by hand in order to help escape the biome in the early game.  It can also be used to repair cracked bricks such as Stone Bricks, Blackstone Bricks, and Nether Bricks

-Dustsprout Plant: A new plant in the Basalt Deltas that can be grown on any block, but cannot be bonemeal-ed

-Dustsprout: A new food from the plant that is as good as a Berry

-Dustsprout Pie: A pie made from Strider Milk, Dustsprouts, and Brown Mushrooms

-Crystalline Carbon Ore and Crystalline Carbon: A new ore in the underground Basalt Deltas (Y-24 or less).  Crystalline Carbon can be smelted again in a Blast Furnace to convert into a Diamond but takes 4 times as long to smelt.

-Curio of Passion: A trinket that, while in the inventory, give the Passion potion effect, which will decrease all cooldowns of Comfortable Nether weapons by 3 seconds.  This ability does not make a cooldown timer go below 1 second though.

-Baleen Pouch: A balloon-like pouch that can propel the player in the air and glide them down.

-Urn of Panicking: An urn that grants Speed III, Weakness II, and Mining Fatigue II for 20 seconds

-Urn of Inversion: An urn that reverts all of your potion effects into their opposites if they can be changed with a fermented spider eye (For example, Poison would give Healing, but Night Vision would not give Blindness since you can't brew it)

-Urn of Passion: An urn that grants the Passion effect.

-Grimdrop: A new Crimson Forest plant that drops Grimdrop Stems

-Grimdrop Stem: An item used for Scaffolding and Soulfire Blade

-Soulfire Saber: A powerful sword made of Crystalline Carbon and Free Souls.  It shoots crystalline projectiles, but players will catch on fire for 1 second whenever they swing the blade.

-Crimson Bulbling: A decorative Crimson Forest plant that emits light

-Tangleweed: A tall grassy Warped Forest plant with dark red tips that poison all pig mob variants in the Nether (Hoglins, Zoglins, Piglins, and Piglin Brutes)

-Fume Puffer: A new Warped Forest plant that gives Jump Boost 2 for a couple of seconds when you stand on it. Can be stacked into a Tall Fume Puffer.

-Tall Fume Puffer: The taller version of a Fume Puffer

-Liquid Grimdrop: A liquidized version of Grimdrop that can create Flaming Abscess

-Flaming Abscess: A food that can be eaten twice as fast


Changes to Existing Content

Piglin Brutes:

-Now sometimes spawn with Axe of Rectitude.  When hurt, these brutes will sometimes activate their own Urn of Rage, making a netherite player a 3 hit kill on normal.

-Have a loot table, dropping 1-3 Gold Nuggets, 1-3 Iron Nuggets, and sometimes 1 Golden Carrot.  A Piglin Brute with the Axe of Rectitude has a 100% drop rate of the weapon.


All Piglins will have a 10% chance to drop the Golden Snout



-Can now be milked for Strider Milk.

-Golden Warped Fungi can heal Striders


Blast Furnace

-Can be crafted using Polished Blackstone now in supplement of Smooth Stone




Mogul Trading Table


How to access it: Right click a Piglin while holding an Axe of Rectitude in your main hand and a Netherite Scrap in your offhand.  The Netherite Scrap won't go away but the Axe will, the Piglin will disappear then reappear assuring you the Mogul's Offering for 20 minutes.


-Any vanilla seed = 1 Redstone
-1 Crying Obsidian = 1 Nametag
-1 Nether Heart = 1 Wither Skull
-1 Strange Apparatus = 1 Fermented Spider Eye
-1 Pigstep Disc = 1 Totem of Undying
-1 Nether Star = 1 Null Rod

-1 Crystalline Carbon = 4 Lapis Lazuli

-1 Heart of the Sea = 1 Netherite Ingot

-1 Fool's Gold = 1 angry Piglin Mogul, who will send a Netherite Golem after you

-1 Weeping Abscess = 1 Brave New World disc

-1 Flaming Abscess = 1 Piglin Brutality disc



Soul Sand Valley

-Disturbed: A hostile mob that hides in Suspicious Soul Sand.  It drops nothing, but can be caught in a Quartz Bottle and can be crafted into Urns for powerful effects.


-The Insatiable: A large flying hostile mob that eats Souls and drops 1-3 Insatiable Blubber.


-Soul: A small passive mob that can be caught in a Quartz Bottle for uses.  It also follows the Player if they are holding a Shroomlight.

Basalt Deltas

-Pummeler: A very useful neutral mob that is allergic to Weeping Abscess.  When fed one, it will sneeze and have a chance to drop a weird, yet tasty Popped Pummeler Remnant (don't worry it doesn't hurt the mob.)  But if you do hurt the Pummeler, it will attack and deal 8x knockback damage as a Zombie.  The Pummeler will also follow a player holding an Iron Nugget.


-Lava Baleen: A large neutral mob that survives the Basalt Deltas through filter-feeding ;ava and converting it into energy.  It currently drops 1-3 Baleen Filters, which can be used to craft Golden Snouts or can be crafted into Stuffed Filters, a new food source. 


The Lava Baleen can filter certain items' effects now in a 6 block radius. The downside is that all entities are affected, so keeping distance from enemies before using the Baleen
is a good idea.
1. Filtering Strider Milk extinguishes all entities
2. Filtering a Milk Bucket removes all potion effects from all entities
3. Filtering a Golden Apple will give its effects to all entities
4. Filtering an Enchanted Golen Apple will give its effects to all entities

Warped Forest

-Nyliun: A new neutral race of creatures that are very mischievious yet do offer barters.  They will sometimes hit or even break doors, fence gates, and certain Nether Crops.  Giving one a Soul will provide a Gold Nugget.  Giving one an Insatiable Blubber will provide a Nether Wart.  Giving one a Ghast Tear will provide a Suspicious Soul Sand.  And finally, giving one a Lubberkin in a Bottle will provide a Strange Apparatus, the key ingredient to an Urn of Rage.


-Lubberkin: A passive flying mob that drops nothing and grants Unluck III for 3 minutes when killed.  But if you give it a Soul In a Bottle, it will disappear and grant the player Luck III for 3 minutes.


-Royal Saurian: A neutral lizard mob that is the Nether's version of a wolf.  It has 14 health, is faster than a wolf, but cannot be sat down, so leashing it will keep it in one spot.  Royal Saurians also have some time travel capabilities with Soul Soil.  Feeding it Nether Wart will give it a rare chance to allow it to return seeds to the Nether that can only be obtained in the Overworld.

Crimson Forest

-Fuligan: A small creature that lives in Fuligo Mold blocks.  It is hostile when you break its home, similar to the Disturbed.  It drops 1-3 Fuligo.


-Netherite Golem: An extremely dangerous mob summoned when trading Fool's Gold in a Mogul Trade..  Armed to the brim with Fungus Bombs, it is a 300 health force of nature that has 3 stages of hostile attacks as its health goes down.

Stage 1: It uses brute force and not much else but hits like a truck.

Stage 2: It begins unleashing Fungus Bombs whenever hurt.  It does take time to activate though, giving the player time to dodge.

Stage 3: It goes berserk mode, gaining Speed II and doubling the fire rate of Fungus Bombs.

It drops 2-3 Netherite Scrap, 2-4 Fungus Bombs, 6-10 Ancient Nether Bricks, and 1 Heart of the Nether

Known Compatible Mods (Which are most Forge mods, but Nether content ones are below)

-Alex's Mobs

-Infernal Expansion

-Biomes O Plenty

-Upgraded Netherite

-Netherite Horse Armor


Known Incompatible Mods

-Village Names (Only on Multiplayer)


Rule of Thumb:

-Do not redistribute this mod on other websites such as

-Do not use any of this mod's contents for your own mods unless you have my permission.

-This mod is of course allowed in modpacks.  No need to worry there!

-Do not try to sell the mod, which also falls under the redistribution prohibition.


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