Greek Fantasy

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Have you ever wondered what Minecraft would be like with Cyclopes, Satyrs, and Centaurs? Or Gigantes, Geryons, and Gorgons? How about Sirens and Unicorns? Wonder no more - this mod has them all!


Video Showcase (16.3.0) - video by yorkmouse

Creature showcase:

Most of the content of this mod revolves around interesting, unique creatures found around your world. Here's a complete list:


Bronze Bull 

 Fierce, fire-breathing, clockwork bull
To summon the Bronze Bull, you must build a 2x2 of gold blocks with 2 ichor-infused blocks on the sides
Drops: fiery gear, gold, ichor



 The three-headed hound of the underworld
To summon this fiend, you must build a 4x4 hollow frame of blackstone blocks, with a 2x2 of lava in the middle. Then sacrifice the head of an Orthus by tossing it into the lava. The lava will turn to magma and the Cerberus will appear.
Drops: fiery hide, Cerberus head



Dangerous whirlpool monster. Summoned by feeding a Heart of the Sea to a Whirl (by dropping the item nearby).
Drops: treasure chest loot (gold, maps, emeralds, etc.) and a Conch



 Three-headed gigante whose only passion is a herd of Mad Cows.
Summon by placing three Gigante heads and killing a cow in close proximity.
Drops: diamonds, netherite scrap, horn of plenty, ambrosia, Club of Smashing, Shield of Mirroring



Brass automaton that will devastate any player foolish enough to build it.
To summon the Talos, place 3x2 gold blocks and place an ichor-infused block on top. Watch out! That dispenser on his arm isn't just for looks...
Drops: Talos Heart, ichor, gold, arrows





 The OG spider queen who was cursed for mocking Athena long ago.
Spawns in underground lairs.
Drops: String, Golden String, Web Ball, Spider Banner Pattern, Silkstep enchantment



 Sorcerer who spawns wherever witches spawn. Her wand can turn people to pigs!
Drops: Witch drops and sometimes a swine wand


Giant Boar 

 Hoglin on steroids.
Giant Boars are created when feeding a Hoglin a poisonous potato outside of the Nether.
Drops: Boar Ear, Boar Tusk, Porkchops



 Vicious many-headed snake, weak only to fire. Each head will grow another if it is not burned off!
Spawns in deserts and savannas
Drops: Poison Spear, Poison Arrows



Queen of the Gorgons. Bigger, tougher, meaner!
Drops: Snakeskin, tough snakeskin, snake fang, gorgon blood


Nemean Lion

Giant lion with arrow-proof hide. Do you dare to wrestle this unforgiving beast?
Spawns in deserts in Lion Dens, or when an Ocelot with the Strength potion effect is hit by lightning.
Drops: Nemean Lion Hide



Huge, venomous snake found in abandoned pits in jungles.
Drops: Snakeskin, tough snakeskin, snake fang

Python Pit




Baby Spider

Offspring of Arachne, found in her lair or in Web Balls.
Drops: string



Horned vipers found in the desert. If you're quick, you may be able to tame them with rabbit meat!
Drops: horns




Hostile one-eyed monsters that spawn in mountains.
Drops: Styxian shards



Half-men, half-horse, and half ... bull? These cursed centaurs will attack on sight
Drops: leather, arrows, horns



 Snake monsters with three deadly variants (red, green, and brown)
Drops: snakeskin and snake fangs



Vampiric demons who thirst for the lifeblood of unwary players. Dies during the day, even when not exposed to the sun.
Drops: fiery bat wing, cursed hair



 Harbringers of death found in the Nether
Drops: fiery bat wing



 Cursed snake-women so terrifying that anyone who looks upon their face will freeze in place, unable to move or even use items.
Drops: Snakeskin, gorgon blood



 Half-bird, half-women who want to eat your entrails.
Found in nests that appear in most biomes.
(What are entrails, anyway?)
Drops: feathers or magic feathers


Mad Cow

They're cows, but mad!
Drops: beef, leather



 Spirit of war, sent by Ares, that can either help or hurt the player.
Drops: nothing



 Half-men, half bull, these creatures will charge on sight.
Drops: leather, horns



Two-headed dog from the underworld. Can be tamed with fiery bat wings (dropped by Empusa and Fury)
Drops: Orthus head



Spirit of the deceased, steals your XP points when you die. You must destroy it to get your XP back.
Drops: Experience



Half-women, half-fish;
Terrible at singing... keep your distance!
Drops: pufferfish



Neutral Creatures:


 Women cursed to have their hearts turn to flint.
Drops: flint, flint knife



 Half-men, half-horse, great at archery.
Drops: leather, arrows



Spirits of the trees and protectors of nature. Offer them plants and seeds to trade.
Drops: wood, sticks, saplings, leaves
Dryad/Naiad textures by Beau The Moose :D



 Gentle giants found in the mountains. Be careful not to anger them - those clubs aren't just for show.
Drops: Gigante head



Spirits of the trees and protectors of nature. Offer them plants and seeds to trade.
Drops: stems, sticks, saplings, leaves



Gentle protectors of the rivers and oceans. Sometimes wield tridents.
Drops: cod, prismarine



 Fun-loving, pipe-playing, fire-dancing goatmen;
Satyr shamans will summon wolves when they are attacked.
Drops: wild rose, sweet berries, panflute



Skeleton warriors who will defend you to their last breath.
Summoned by sowing dragon's teeth (found rarely when breaking Bone blocks).
Drops: nothing



Passive Creatures:


 A golden horse rumored to be as fast as the sun. Give an enchanted golden apple to a tamed horse to transform it.
Drops: leather, gold



"Hope" - trades ichor for diamonds but only found (sometimes) inside this mysterious box.
Drops: nothing


Golden Ram 

 Special sheep that can be gifted by Hera, or sometimes when yellow sheep are spawned
When sheared: drops Golden Fleece



 Playful winged horses who spawn in mountains.
Yes, you can ride it... if you can catch it!
You must be holding a golden bridle in order to ride and tame a pegasus.
Drops: feathers, leather



Magical horned horse, immune to poison.
Catch it if you can!
You must be holding a golden bridle in order to ride and tame the unicorn.
Drops: Unicorn horn



Benign water spirit found in oceans. Drop a Heart of the Sea nearby to summon the Charybdis
Drops: Nothing

 Visit the wiki for more detailed information


Item showcase:

You now have access to special items and relics from Greek history.


Altar - use to improve your favor with a god

  • How to get: Craft a marble statue with an item (gold for Zeus, nether wart for Hades, kelp for Poseidon, etc.). Place the statue and offer it items

Mysterious Box - probably shouldn't open this, unless you really need to find an Elpis

  • How to get: surround an ender pearl with slabs on top and bottom and two gunpowder on the sides
  • How to use: place the box on the ground and right-click to open. If you survive, there's a 60% chance that an Elpis will appear.

Palladium - wooden statue that protects against harm by preventing monsters from spawning in a given chunk

  • How to get: craft with logs, a slab, a soul torch, and a Talos Heart

Ichor-Infused Block - combine 1 gold block and 1 ichor; used to build a Talos or Bronze Bull

Terracotta Vase - stores a single stack of items

  • How to get: craft 3 terracotta blocks in a shape similar to crafting a bucket. Place 1 dye in the middle to add some color!

Mob Heads - dropped by Orthus, Gigante, and Cerberus; required to summon some bosses.




Thunderbolt - channels the raw power of lightning

  • How to get: craft ichor and gold nuggets around a lodestone
  • How to use: right-click while holding the item and looking at your target block. Config setting may require that it be raining. Range: 64 blocks.

Swine Wand - magical wand that turns players into pigs

  • How to get: combine Boar ear, diamond, porkchop and sticks.

Bident - weapon of the underworld similar to a trident

  • How to get: Craft with blaze rods, cursed hairs, and gold ingots

Cursed Bow - shoots fire arrows

  • How to get: Craft a bow with Cursed Hair instead of string

Bow of Apollo - shoots double fire arrows

  • How to get: Give a Cursed Bow to an Altar to Apollo at favor level 10

Bow of Artemis - shoots double arrows at high speeds

  • How to get: Give a Cursed Bow to an Altar to Artemis at favor level 10

Clubs - wood, stone, and iron clubs pack a powerful punch

  • How to get: similar to the sword crafting recipe, but with logs instead of planks and planks instead of sticks. Can be upgraded with a stone or iron block later.

Spears - wood, stone, and iron spears can be thrown for ranged damage

  • How to get: Craft 2 sticks, 2 string, and iron/stone/wood

Greek Fire - DIY incendiary grenade that can even light fires on water.

  • How to get: craft terracotta vase, olive oil, gunpowder, and fiery hair.

Flint Knife - chosen tool of the treacherous Ara. Faster than a sword but deals less damage.

  • How to get: craft one flint on top of one stick.

Discus - not a great weapon. Careful timing is key to throwing the discus hard enough to do any damage

  • How to get: craft a music disc with iron ingots.


Legendary Items:

Ambrosia - magical nectar with the same power as an enchanted golden apple

  • How to get: combine blaze powder, ichor, glowstone dust, 3 honey blocks, and a horn. Also dropped by the Geryon.

Horn of Plenty - "cornucopia" overflowing with food

  • How to get: combine ambrosia and 8 wheat. Also dropped by the Geryon.
  • How to use: right-click while holding the item to be given 2-6 food items

Dragon Tooth - ancient relic used to summon skeleton warriors

  • How to get: 8% chance they will drop when breaking a bone block
  • How to use: Throw them on the ground to "sow" an army of Sparti

Healing Rod - powerful relic that casts healing spells

  • How to get: craft by combining six purified snakeskin, two sticks, and a golden apple
  • How to use: right-click to cast a healing spell. Remember, healing spells actually hurt undead creatures.

Helm of Darkness - legendary helmet that turns the wearer and their items invisible

  • How to get: craft by combining Styxian Shards and a Fiery Hide

Conch - use to place water, sneak+use to pick up water

  • How to get: dropped by Charybdis

Bag of Wind - use to get a brief speed boost

  • How to get: Craft leather, a conch, and a magic feather

Winged Sandals - incredible speed and jumping power

  • How to get: combine 4 magic feathers, one nether quartz, and leather boots.


Useful Items:

Mirror - may be useful to avoid the gaze of the gorgons...

  • How to get: Craft 1 gold ingot and 1 glass pane

Golden Bridle - required to catch and tame a Unicorn

  • How to get: craft by surrounding a lead with blaze powder and gold nuggets
  • How to use: sneak up to a Unicorn or Pegasus while holding the Golden Bridle in your main hand. Only then can you attempt to ride it.

Unicorn Horn - purifies the user by removing all negative effects

  • How to get: kill a unicorn. You monster!
  • How to use: hold-right-click to channel the purifying power of the unicorn.

Panflute - musical instrument used by the Satyrs

  • How to get: crafted with reeds, or rarely dropped by Satyrs
  • How to use: sneak-right-click to select a song. Hold right-click to start playing that song.

Lyre - musical instrument

  • How to get: wooden lyre is crafted with sticks and string; gold lyre is crafted with gold ingots and gold string
  • How to use: sneak-right-click to select a song. Hold right-click to start playing that song.

Web Ball - small bundle of web that may contain items... or spider eggs

  • How to get: 10% chance they will drop when breaking a cobweb

Olive Oil - made

  • How to get: craft 3 olives with a glass bottle
  • How to use: place on land or water and set alight (or crafting, but that's boring)



Achilles Armor - provides arrow protection but causes the player to be extra-vulnerable to arrow shots below the legs

  • How to get: craft with gold ingots and Fiery Gears (dropped by Bronze Bull)

Snakeskin Armor - enchanted with Poisoning, which poisons creatures that attack the wearer

  • How to get: craft with Tough Snakeskin and Snake Fangs

Nemean Lion Hide - provides arrow protection, but not as much as a full set of Achilles Armor

  • How to get: craft with gold ingots and Fiery Gears (dropped by Bronze Bull)


Crafting Components:

Ichor - a small drop of the blood of the gods

  • How to get: open a mysterious box and give a diamond to the Elpis that (sometimes) comes out. Also dropped by the Talos and Bronze Bull.

Horn - dropped by horned creatures (Minotaur, Cerastes, Cyprian); used to create Ambrosia

Magic Feather - dropped by Harpies (or found in their nests); used to create the Winged Sandals

Snakeskin - dropped by Gorgons; can be purified to make the Healing Rod or brewed to make a Potion of Mirroring.

Purified Snakeskin - Combine 8 snakeskin and one ghast tear; required for the Healing Rod

Tough Snakeskin - dropped by Pythons; required to craft Snakeskin Armor

Snake Fang - dropped by Pythons; required to craft Snakeskin Armor

Styxian Shards - dropped by Cyclopes; required for the Helm of Darkness.

Talos Heart - dropped by Talos; required for the Palladium

Dog Claw - dropped by Orthus; can be crafted with a book to get a Sharpness enchantment.

Wild Rose - dropped by Satyrs; when placed, gives Absorption effect; can be crafted with a book to get a Hunting enchantment. Items with Hunting have a chance to instantly kill most animals.

Fiery Hide - dropped by Cerberus; required for the Helm of Darkness; can be crafted with a book to get a Fire Protection enchantment.

Fiery Bat Wing - dropped by Empusa and Fury; used to tame Orthus.

Fiery Gear - dropped by Bronze Bull; used to craft Achilles Armor.

Cursed Hair - dropped by Empusa; used to craft Gold String and Cursed Bow

Olives - dropped from Olive leaves; used to craft Olive Oil


Structure showcase:

You may encounter small structures in your travels, some more interesting than others. Here is a complete list:

  • Satyr Camp - home to the satyrs of the woods
  • Ara Camp - home to the Ara outcasts
  • Small Shrines (Limestone, Marble, and Nether variants) - maybe they have loot?
  • Harpy Nest - good place to look for magic feathers ... and harpies, of course
  • Python Pit - found in jungles and houses a deadly Python... and maybe some treasure?
  • Lion Den - a small hole found in deserts and home to the Nemean Lion
  • Arachne Pit - underground marble lair of Arachne and her spawn
  • Cyclopes Cave - found in plains and often home to a grumpy cyclopes and his sheep
  • Olive Tree - found in warm biomes and the olive forest
  • Pomegranate Tree - dangerous underworld tree... is the fruit worth the risk?
  • Limestone and Marble - used to make ornate pillars and statues


Statue, Gods, and Favor

**NEW** The Gods and Favor system (and statues) have been moved to RPG Gods. This mod is not required, but if you enjoyed the Gods and Favor systems, you should give it a try!

 Use RPG Gods 16.5.3


Other Additions:

Potion Effects:

  • Stunned - prevents the player from moving, jumping, or using items for a short time. Check the config to change this.
  • Petrified - similar to stunned but way scarier
  • Mirror - grants immunity to Gorgon gaze attacks.
  • Curse of Swine - turns players into pigs.
  • Prisoner of Hades - traps players in the Nether after eating pomegranate seeds


  • Overstep - apply to boots; removes the need for jumping up single blocks.
  • Hunting - apply to axes and swords; has a chance to instantly kill breed-able animals such as cows, pigs, sheep, wolves, etc.
  • Smashing - only found on clubs dropped by a Geryon. Smashes and stuns enemies.
  • Mirror - apply to shields; grants immunity to Gorgon gaze attacks.
  • Fireflash - apply to thunderbolts by giving them to an Altar to Zeus at level 10; causes explosions when summoning lightning.
  • Lord of the Sea - apply to tridents by giving them to an Altar to Poseidon at level 10; summon a powerful Whirl by left-clicking while looking at a body of water.
  • Raising - apply to bidents by giving them to an Altar to Hades at level 10; summon a short-lived but loyal Sparti warrior.
  • Flying - apply to Winged Sandals by giving them to an Altar to Hermes at level 10; allows creative-style flight.
  • Daybreak - apply to clocks by giving them to an Altar to Apollo at level 10; using an enchanted clock turns night to day.
  • Silkstep - apply to boots; enchanted book is dropped by Arachne; allows walking through cobwebs without hinderance.



Here is a link to the wiki which has a more information and examples on datapack support. An example datapack can be downloaded from the wiki or the "Additional Files" section of Forge downloads.


The config file for this mod gives modpack creators plenty of control over the mod. Customizable options include special item abilities, potion effects and enchantments, mob spawn chances/biomes, mob special attacks, and structure generation chances/biomes.

Mysterious Box:

The mysterious box uses .mcfunction files to decide what happens when they're opened. This means a datapack can add .mcfunction files and they will be used as well. The files must be located at "data/[namespace]/functions/mysterious_box/[function_name].mcfunction".


The songs that can be played on a panflute or lyre are loaded through datapacks. Users can add their own songs in a JSON format and save it as "data/[namespace]/songs/[song_name].json". The JSON file must specify a name and credits (or translation keys), the interval between each beat, the total number of beats, and one or two arrays of notes to play (from 0-24 where 0 means "no note").

Each of the gods can be fully customized! Users can adjust each deity using a datapack. The JSON file for a deity contains the deity's name, gender, the items held by that deity's altar, the random effects granted by the deity, and the favor modifiers for each item or mob.
In addition, the use of favor can be configured using a special JSON file located at "data/greekfantasy/favor_configuration/favor_configuration.json". This file controls when mobs are hostile toward the player, which deity controls special enchantments, and a plethora of special abilities! Datapacks can customize this by following the wiki.


Thank you!

  • dandmaster1 for a plethora of great ideas, Russian translation, and some textures
  • Beau The Moose for contributing dryad/naiad and other textures
  • qsefthuopq for Chinese translation
  • Everyone who has given feedback or bug reports to help me improve the mod :)



Q: Forge or Fabric?
A: Forge only. Sorry.

Q: Can I use the mod in a modpack?
A: If at all possible, please link to the CurseForge page instead of redistributing the mod. Modpacks are perfectly fine if they follow this rule.

Q: Can I request a feature?
A: Please do! I have lots of ideas but not always a good way to implement them. Your suggestions can be very helpful. That said, I won't add a feature unless I think it fits.

Q: Do you have a Discord?
A: You can find me on the MMD server in the #skyjay-mods channel (under "Community Mods")



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