85,231 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 17, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

This mod adds a lot of content to the game. For detailed information, please visit this page.


The additions include:

  • Food, especially fast food and desserts
  • Tea!
  • Unique tools and weapons with enchantments including Warhammer, Grab Hook, Knife, Scythe, etc.
  • "Ender Flask" that can be filled with multiple charges of potion
  • And Potion Launcher for throwable potions
  • Cushions that you can sit on
  • A bookshelf that works and shows how many books it holds
  • Spyglass
  • Confetti and Confetti Balls
  • Carved wood with cool designs
  • Terracotta tiles, roof material of every color
  • Rope that you can climb
  • Other decorative blocks and items



You can edit the xercamod-common.toml file in the config directory to enable/disable each feature in the mod independently.


Apple Pie and Sweet Berry PieEnder Flask


New in 1.16.4-1.3

You are now slowed less while charging the Warhammer (or even none at all with Legerity IV)!

You can also now critical hit with the Warhammer

Villagers can now buy Rice, Tomatoes and Tea leaves, and sell Scythe and Warhammer

Many items now have an explanatory tooltip

Fixed many bugs

Carved Wood now has top and bottom faces carved as well!



Credits to LuchadorMickey for most of the graphics (good looking ones).

Credits to chechnyacool488 for the Russian translation



Use the one for the latest Minecraft version to get all the features. Older versions may not have newer features.


Due to life, I won't be able to add new features much for some time. I also may not answer all the comments. I will still try to update whenever a new Minecraft version comes out.




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