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This mod adds a lot of content to the game. For detailed information, please visit this page.


The additions include:

  • Food, especially fast food and desserts
  • Tea!
  • Unique tools and weapons with enchantments including Warhammer, Grab Hook, Knife, Scythe, etc.
  • "Ender Flask" that can be filled with multiple charges of potion
  • And Potion Launcher for throwable potions
  • Cushions that you can sit on
  • A bookshelf that works and shows how many books it holds
  • Spyglass (removed in 1.17, since Mojang added it to the base game)
  • Confetti and Confetti Balls
  • Carved wood with cool designs
  • Terracotta tiles, roof material of every color
  • Rope that you can climb
  • Omni chest, a global ender chest for the whole universe
  • Other decorative blocks and items



You can edit the xercamod-common.toml file in the config directory to enable/disable each feature in the mod independently.


Apple Pie and Sweet Berry PieEnder Flask


New in 1.17.1-2.1

Omni Chest

Omni chest recipe

Omni Chest is like Ender Chest, but for the whole universe. It holds a global inventory that anyone can access from anwhere in any dimension. It is everyone's chest, and yet noone's at the same time. Get collaborative with your server mates and use this unique logistical ability to your advantage.


Devour enchantment in action

There is a new combat enchantment for the Scythe! It lets you drop little hearts out of the enemy you strike, which you can pick up to replensish health! There is a chance to drop a heart at each hit depending on the Devour level, and a certain amount of heart drops at the killing blow, that again vary depending on the enchantment level.


Cheese and Pizza

 Making cheese

Crafting a curdling vat

You can make cheese to use in recipes or eat as is. The process of making cheese is as follows:

  • Craft a curdling vat as in the recipe, using copper and iron ingots.
  • Pour milk into the vat.
  • Wait as the protein in the milk solidifies into cheese. It should take around 1 minute on average.
  • Right click on the vat to retrieve the cheese wheel, then place it on a surface.
  • You can eat the cheese in pieces directly from the wheel, or slice it using a knife.


Possible pizza types

We have wheat, tomatoes, and now cheese. The logical conclusion to all of this is Pizza, of course.

You can prepare a base pizza using these three ingredients, and then either bake it as is to get a margherita pizza, or add toppings of your choosing to create the pizza of your dreams.

The ingredients you can use are sausage, mushroom, chicken, cod fish and doner. You can add up to three ingredients in total. There are 56 variations in total, so go ham with it.

Pizza is eaten in "circular" slices in a way similar to cheese.

Crafting a pizza base

Example of adding ingredients on the base pizza


Getting sparkling water

After gulping down all the greasy foodstuff you can get your hands on, there is nothing like carbonated sugar water to wash down your throat. All of the fizzy drinks have a nice, fizzy animation.

You can use an empty glass on a bubbling soul sand to acquire sparkling water. From there, getting to a generic soda is a matter of adding sugar and a snowball to your drink.

Soda recipe

Making cola is a little more involved, since it requires processing secret ingredients in a secret procedure:

  • Craft the secret cola formula powder using warped roots, rotten flesh, spider eye and three units of sugar.
  • Brew the powder into water bottles to get the extract.
  • Combine the extract and two snowballs with six glasses of sparkling water to get six glasses of cola.

Drinking cola gives you a Haste effect to reward your efforts.

Cola secret powder recipeCola extract brewingCola recipe

New Food Items

A few new cheesy and glowy food items are added. Also, the top part of ultimate burger is updated to contain cheese now. Eating glow berry cupcake and glow squid ink paella will make you glow as well.

Cheese toast recipeCheeseburger recipeNew ultimate burger top recipeSquid ink paella recipeGlow squid ink paella recipeGlow berry cupcake recipe

 In addition, the textures of many old food items are updated now!

All food items

Nether Carved Wood

Demonic radiance of carved crimson stemUncanny squirms of carved warped stem

There are now carved wood variants for nether stems, namely Crimson Stem and Warped Stem. Differing from their overworld counterparts, these blocks have netherly animations!

Rope with Pistons

Rope sticking to blocks

Rope now acts like slime block when interacting with pistons!



Credits to LuchadorMickey for most of the graphics (good looking ones).

Credits to chechnyacool488 for the Russian translation 

Credits to junshengxie for the Chinese translation



  • Use the one for the latest Minecraft version to get all the features. Older versions may not have newer features.