Charcoal Pit

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2


Mar 31, 2017

Owner: 0cf6d20b437f4a88a927c6ea8cd71a1a

This mod allows you to build shapeless multiblock structures for turning logs into charcoal, coal into coke and clay into ceramics.


Start by placing your log piles/coal blocks in any shape you want then cover any exposed faces with the appropriate block. For charcoal piles any non-flammable block that is solid on the side facing the pile will work. For coke only specific blocks will work: bricks and nether bricks by default.

To start it light one of the log piles/coal blocks on fire and quickly cover it. Its working if you see smoke particles at the top.


If the structure is invalid the log piles/coal blocks will burn out and invalidate even more blocks leaving you with nothing but tears. Seriously, each block contains 9 logs/coals, you can easily lose stacks of resources.


After a while (18MC hours for charcoal and 36MC hours for coke by default) it will stop smoking and the log piles/coal blocks will turn into an ash-looking block. So diggy diggy that up and you will get charcoal/coke and ash. It's not a 1:1 conversion but fortune helps. Ash can be used to make fertilizer.


But it does not end there. It's also possible to collect creosote oil from this process. To do this craft a few creosote funnels and follow the instructions on the tooltip. Creosote oil will be produced during the process, NOT at the end of it. Remember that the stone brick version does not work for coal blocks. Creosote oil can be used as furnace fuel.


To build the pottery kiln shift-right-click on the top of a solid block with a valid ingredient. The ingredient will be placed on the ground forming a kiln. Then cover the kiln with hales of bay and wood logs. The kiln needs to be covered with solid blocks on all sides except the top which needs to be empty, making it a 2D structure unlike the charcoal pit. When it's ready lit the top on fire and wait. If the structure is invalid the fire will go out. Be aware that rain will also extinguish the kiln.


After a while (8MC hours by default) the fire will go out and the kiln will turn into an ash-looking block like the charcoal pit. Dig it up to get the ceramics and some ash.


By default this mod disables the log->charcoal and clay->ceramics furnace recipes.






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