Odd Water Mobs

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 This mods aims to expand a bit the ocean fauna, adding seven new water creatures and a new biome, along with some other blocks and items.



The new mobs:


An anglerfish


The Anglerfish: It spawns quite often in deep oceans and is aggressive towards other fishes. Its meat can be used to get a new light source.



An coelacanth


The Coelacanth: It spawns very rarely and only when it's raining. It can sell for a lot of emeralds.



A giant isopod


The Isopod: A water arthropod that only spawns in the new biome. Its meat can be cooked or used in a new brewing recipe.




A horseshoe crab


The Horseshoe Crab: Another water arthropod that spawns in beaches near the water. It drops its thorax, which can be used in another new brewing recipe.



A giant spider crabA baby spider crab

The Giant Spider Crab: These passive crustaceans will spawn in warm and lukewarm oceans. They'll roam the seafloor and can dig up stuff from the sand if they're underwater. The stuff they dig up depends of the type of sand below them (more info here). They can breed if you feed them almost any meat, dropping crab eggs which you can use to spawn baby spider crabs. They drop crab legs which you can eat raw or cooked.


Ghost shark variants


The Ghost Shark: A deep sea fish that comes in 4 different variants. They're venomous but passive creatures, and their meat can be used to get their stings, which are consumables that give a long posion effect to other mobs.


A mudskipper


The Mudskipper: These are small but aggresive creatures that wander the swamps near water. You can sometimes find them jumping and fighting each other. They'll watch out for anyone that gets near them and will attack them if they get too close. However they retreat when they have low health. They drop their meat when dead but they also have a chance to drop one of their fins when hurt.


The new biome:


A screenshot from the biome

Deep Ocean Dunes: Here you can find a new type of sand and a new animated block. If you dive deep enough you won't be able to see much. It has its own custom music! Listen to it here:

1100 atmospheres





The new blocks:


Deep Sandstone

Deep Sand: A type of sand that only generates in the depths of the Deep Ocean Dunes. It can be crafted into all the sandstone blocks you'll expect


Giant Tube Worms moving

Giant Tube Worms: A new animated block that only generates down below the Deep Ocean Dunes. It can only be placed on deep sand.



Items and recipes:

Each mob can be put in a bucket (baby spider crabs too!) and has its own drops. The fisherman villager has new trades too! Here are the main recipes.


Food Recipes:

cooking isopod


Smoking crab


Cooking Mudskipper


Brewing Recipes:


Brewing skinkin potion


SinkingThe sinking effect will make you sink to the bottom if you're in water or lava.


Brewing healing vigor


SinkingThe healing vigor effect will add 2 hearts and 4 saturation points every once you consume an item.


Brewing mudskipping potion


The mudskipper potion will give you the leaping, haste and weakness effect at once. It can be upgraded to a longer version with redstone. (The bottom row are leaping potions)


Long posion brewing


The ghost shark sting can be used to brew the longer version of the poison potion directly.


  • Each potion can be turned into splash, persistent and arrow variants.


Misc Recipes:


Anglerfish meat to bioscales


Bioscales to block


Ghost shark meat to sting


Deep sandstone recipe



Music Discs:

There are 3 new music discs!



bathosphere music discBathosphere - Digged up by crabs.



Coelacanth - Obtained by killing a coelacanth in the nether.

Seapig - Only in creative for now!


Please check out the composers other work!



Advancements in the mod



There's 12 advancements to unlock, 3 being secret.


If you want to follow the development of the mod join the discord server here!



A short but nice review of the mod made by Scribble Pixel Studios

A more in-depth look at the mod with great commentary by Taco


And a fantastic showcase by Mister Echo!



This as my first mod will have some bugs and issues. Please let me know if you find any here in the comments or in the discord.

Also this may be made in MCreator but has lots of custom code, along with some nice animations. So check it out if you can!



Not updated yet:

Russian translation by Jopes

Portuguese translation by Yakko#9455

French and canadian french translations by ChristopheBeaudoin



Spanish translation by me!


Also check out Metal Link for being a cool guy overall!


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Any feedback is appreciated!

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