Nourished Nether

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"Expands the nether slighty further than the Nether Update did." 


The goal of this mod is to expand on features the Nether Update added that felt lackluster and that didn't reach their full potential in a "vanilla-plus" way.


A Few of the additions include things like new building blocks to expand your nether pallette, such as blue nether bricks, soul bricks & glass, basalt bricks and more! There is also new minerals to obtain like the vibrant soul quartz and shiny nether iron ore. There is even some more nether foods to enjoy like some hoglin meat or souldew melons!


Feel free to use this mod in Modpacks, just if you do please be sure to credit by giving a link to this mods Curseforge page. 


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MuffinsQW - Mod Creator

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