Gaia Dimension

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"A realm in an unknown place, unknown time. A dry, moderately warm world, where everything appears to be in full bloom and vegetation grows. Upon closer inspection, it appears this life isn't made of organic cells, but of crystals and minerals, somehow infused with the power of life. Perhaps a land to a civilisation, or many, but who can tell in a place like this?"

- A note left behind by an unnamed explorer


The Gaia Dimension is a world that looks just like the one you have become familiar with, but not is all that it seems. The ground is made of fine crystal fibres, growing off of soil that has been densely packed with minerals. The trees appear to be made of wood and leaves, but they are rocky, and the leaves are brittle. Everything is made of a variety of minerals and crystals. The land teems with primordial creatures, adapted to this rocky environment.


The land above is a vast collection of biomes. Lightly populated jungles, swamps of purple ooze, ancient preserved lands, and many more. The creatures either pass by you as an unknown creature, or something that could disturb their territory. The time is eternal day, as the sun hangs high in the sky forever, while this sky is painted various colours by the biome you stay in.


Underground, the walls are packed with many gemstones. Alone, they are barely useful, but with a bit of encouragement with some strange technology, perhaps they could become tools. The walls are coated with a strange, frail substance that one could only describe as "glittery," and in high concentration. Deeper underground, the caverns bubble with a strange, blue magma that one could only describe as primeval energy in liquid form.


How does one get to the Gaia Dimension?

It's an expensive trip to make, requiring Keystone Blocks made of Crystallized Redstone, Crystallized Lapis Lazuli and Gold Ingots. In order to obtain these Crystallized Redstone and Crystallised Lapis Lazuli, you'll need to smelt Redstone and Lapis Lazuli. Arranging four of each and a Gold Ingot on a Crafting Table, you can create one Keystone Block.

By arranging these Keystone Blocks in the same pattern as a Nether Portal, one needs to light it up with a fire that glows so much, even touching it makes you glow. By making a Flint and Steel tool made from a Gold Ingot and a Diamond, then lighting the inside of the frame, the portal will open. However, this portal won't open up anywhere. You must be in a Hot, Dry, or Mountainous biome in order for the portal to light up.


Is there anything else?

This mod is the first mod I officially worked on, so everything is rather bare-boned for now. I hope to plan more mobs for later biomes, to spice up the vast dimension. I also plan to include dungeons and structures in which you can fight bosses in, collect precious loot, and more. 


This mod also uses ConnectedTexturesMod to help with some of the textures present in the mod. It isn't necessary to have, but it will make it more pleasant to look at.

Discord Server

I have a Discord Server here. Have a chat, ask some questions, or get some help if you need it; we're a friendly bunch.


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