Totally Advantageous

275 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 23, 2021 Game Version: 1.12.2  


This project is on halt until I can find the time to rebalance it. As it stands this is a broken unpolished mess of mods and configs.

For now I'm focusing on the rewrite of this modpack here 



Bored of excessive adventuring and grinding? Want something that will continuously kick you down and make you love it? Well, if so this modpack is for you! With multiple ways to approach combat, tech, and magic, this modpack ensures that you'll either on top of the world or 6 feet under. P.S: it's way better with friends (server pack coming soon)

Legit this was just made for friends but I'm having fun making it so enjoy. 


 At least 5 GB of ram and optifine is Recommend!!


Features (tl:dr)

- Guns

- Tons of mobs and bosses

- Optional stealth and other forms of combat

- magic

- Tech

- Hardcore scaling difficulty


To do


- Redo everything


- Loading times are horrible (may be due to how forge works)

- FPS is very variable depending on your hardware

- Some item combinations can crash the game (mostly fixed)

- Minor graphical glitches that don't affect gameplay

- Errors when leaving certain worlds (due to Dynamic Surroundings and isn't anything serious)


Mods Used