Fantastic Lib


You only need this if it's a dependency for another mod you're running.


Or if you want the entity/item/block/etc. lists it automatically outputs into text files, to reference for something (configs/fantasticlib/reference)




Yes, you can use it in your modpack if you want (MIT license).


A list of my curseforge mods can be found here


General announcement: I've been focused on my work for a specific MC server (and have not been doing mod work outside of it) for a while. Said server is closing soon and its team is moving to a project outside of MC entirely. I've decided it's time to stop modding and start working on a game project I can sell. I will be catching up on responding to some postings here and on curseforge / github and possibly release some final updates for some mods, after which I will officially drop all current projects.

All source code for existing public projects will be available as open source on github for any developers interested in forking them or otherwise copying part or all of their code.


Also, to anyone who has found Dynamic Stealth interesting and/or enjoys stealth games like I do, I do plan on creating one or more games with stealth systems eventually, though I don't know if the first full game I release will have stealth or not (I may do some simpler projects first).