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Rough Mobs Revamped

Wow! 1 million downloads? Thanks everyone. 
I have begun the port to 1.16.5! Once finished, I will port to 1.18.1.

1.12.2 is not dead, but I won’t be updating it very often until I finish the 1.16.5 and 1.18.1 ports.

First - All credit to Lellson8 for open sourcing his great mod, Rough Mobs 2.

This is a revamp of Rough Mobs 2, with tons of new features (see features list on the Wiki.)


1.16.5 Port - 50% complete

1.18.1 Port - Not Started




Zombie Boss Fight with Poisonous Fog and Bat Swarm attack.


Latest Updates


1.16.5-0.0.3  Bosses Part 2

  • Fixed localized boss warning message (now shows up as action bar message)
  • Config for boss equipment
  • Lightning bolt on boss spawn (can be disabled)
  • Spider features implemented
  • Creeper features implemented


1.12.2-2.3.23  Corail Tombstone Compat

  • Fixed: boss fog death not saving items in Corail Tombstone graves
  • Hostile Bats now despawn when they don't have a target
  • Added localized boss fog death message
  • Fixed: RMR update.json location

Visit the Wiki for Discussion, Issues, Features, FAQ, and More Details.