Unique Enchantments

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Unique Enchantments adds several Enchantments, ranging from QoL to Combat.


Table of Contents:

Berserker: The lower your Health, the higher your Damage
Ameliorated Sharpness: An Advanced Version of Sharpness
Ameliorated Smite: An Advanced Version of Smite
Ameliorated Bane of Arthropod: An Advanced Version of Bane of Arthropod
Focused Impact: Low Attack Speed, increases damage dealt
Vitae: Grants you more Health
Swift: Grants you more Movement Speed
Bone Crusher: Deals Bonus Damage against Skeletons and increases Head Drop Chance.
Swift Blade: More Attack Speed grants you more Damage
Spartan Weapon: You deal bonus pierce damage when wielding a Shield
Perpetual Strike: Your damage increases with every consecutive hit on the same Target
Warrior's Grace: Killing an Entity will replenish Durability scaling with the Max HP of the Entity
Nature's Grace: Standing near Flowers or Leaves and not receiving damage for 15 seconds, will grant you regen
Fast Food: Living Animals/Passives wont drop anything but therefore replenish Hunger
Enders Markmen: Hitting a target with a Bow, will replenish Durability and grant your Arrow back
Cloud Walker: The Player is able to sneak mid-air. Fall Damage will be still applied. (Basically walk through air)
Ares Blessing: Lethal Damage will be converted into Durability Loss of the Armor, yet Fall & Magic Damage will still go through
Alchemist's Grace: Hitting an Enemy will grant you Potion Effects
Sages Blessing: More XP Loot
Ecological: Standing near Wood(Logs) & Leaves, will recover slowly the durability of your tool.
Climate Tranquility: Weapons will react to temperature and receive effects of the counterpart.
Ender Eyes: Enderman won't attack you, when looking at them.
Momentum: Continued mining will further increase your Mining Speed per Block mined.
Phoenix Blessing: When died, will resurrect you with full Health and Hunger. [Totem of Undying Enchantment]
Icarus Aegis: Shift-Leftclicking an Anvil will consume all Feathers in your Inventory and store it. Fall Damage by gliding can be negated by consuming Feathers. [Elytra Enchantment]
Midas Blessing: Shift-Leftclicking an Anvil will consume all of your Gold in your Inventory. Mining an oreGem, will consume Gold, but increase the drops.
Ifrit's Grace: Shift-Leftclicking an Anvil will consume all Lava/Magma related Blocks in you Inventory and store it as "Lava Power". Mining a Block will consume Lava Power and the Drops will be smelted.


Each Enchantment can be enabled/disabled, and to a degree also configured in the configs.

When disabled it will not remove it from the game just disable the adding to new Items. (Functionality if applied is still kept)

The config can be reloaded on the fly with a command (/unique_enchantments) though for "PlayerModifiers" the Armor has to be requipped to take effect of changes.


A Design document with exact details can be found here.


Unique Enchantments is free to use in any Modpacks.


If you want to do a Spotlight just message us with the video link, we will add it to the page.


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