Unique Enchantments

481,050 Downloads Last Updated: May 9, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

Unique Enchantments delivers a fair variety of Enchantments, from QoL to Combat, appropriate for both, Vanilla and Modded Gameplay.
All Enchantments can be further tweaked in the config file, with almost complete control.


About Fabric:

We would love to have a Fabric port of Unique Enchantments, sadly neither of us have any Experience with that.
So we are looking for a developer who can port it for us to fabric, if you are interested.
Mod is opensource and has a Fabric branch that we accept Pullrequests for. (License is MIT)



Sword & Axe

Ameliorated Sharpness:
An improved Version of Sharpness

Ameliorated Smite:
An improved Version of Smite

Ameliorated Bane of Arthropod:
An improved version of Bane of Arthropod

Focused Impact:
Damage increases with lower Attack Speed

The lower your Health, the higher your Damage

Bone Crusher:
Skeletons receive more damage and will drop more

Swift Blade:
Damage increases with higher Attack Speed

Spartan Weapon:
Deal bonus magic Damage while wielding a Shield

Perpetual Strike:
Damage increases with every consecutive Hit

Warrior's Grace:
Killing an Entity will restore Durability, scaling with Max HP of the Entity


Weapons & Bow


Climate Tranquility:
Receives Effects depending on your Biome's Temperature

Alchemist's Grace:
Hitting an Entity will grant you Potion Effects

Fast Food:
Killing Animals will restore Hunger, but they wont drop Loot




Ender Marksmen:
Hitting an Arrow, will grant you the Arrow back and restore Durability




Increases Max HP


Ender Eyes:
Enderman won't aggro anymore by looking

Treasurer's Eyes:
Particles will be shown when a Player or Mob has a specific Enchantment active


Ares Blessing:
Lethal Damage will be converted to Durability Loss, while Magic & Fall Damage will still kill you

Nature's Grace:
Staying near Nature and not receiving Damage will grant you regeneration


You move faster


Sneak temporary in-air, you'll still receive Fall Damage


Icarus Aegis:
Fall Damage by gliding can be negated by consuming Feathers




The longer you mine, the faster you get

Ifrit's Grace:
In exchange for fuel, you'll autosmelt Drops

Midas Blessing:
In exchange for Gold, Gem Ore Drops increase

Smart Ass:
Mining Falling Blocks or Logs, will break the top block first




Demeter's Soul:
Marked Seeds will be harvested automatically, but will only produce 1 Product.




Totem of Undying

Phoenix's Blessing:
You'll be resurrected with Full Health & Hunger



Ender Librarian:
Shift-rightclicking with a Map will teleport you in a random spot in the Map, Treasuremap will teleport you more precise to the Location. The Item will be consumed


Damageable Items


Ender Mending:
Will store EXP and distribute it to every Equip that either has Mending or Ender Mending

Increases your Reach Distance, but will reduce Mining Speed when the bonus Reach is in use (won't increase Combat Reach)

Standing near Nature, will restore Durability

Sage's Blessing:
Gain more EXP




Pestilence's Odium:
Non-Hostile Entities in your area will be continuously damaged, won't drop Loot

Death's Odium:
Dying while having this Curse on an active slot, will reduce your Max HP by 1. The removal is bypassed while having this Curse on an active slot.



Every Enchantment can be disabled, yet disabling means that you cant acquire it anymore(through normal methods),
Tools with said Enchantment, will still have the Enchantment fully functional.

Also you can reload your changes ingame with a Command ( /unique_enchantments).
For the Changes to take effect, you have to reequip your Items due to "PlayerModifiers".

For further information we provided a Document right here.


1.14.4 Configuration:
In order to add Blocks to certain Enchantments, you have to create a Datapack.

The Paths are:



Unique Enchantments is free to use in any Modpack.



If you want to do a Spotlight, just message us with the video link, we will add it to the page.

Bears Den (1.12.2-1.7.0)

Note this Spotlight is ruff. So read a bit before you watch it.


Bears Den(1.12.2-1.0):





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