Unique Enchantments

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Unique Enchantments delivers a fair variety of Enchantments, from QoL to Combat, appropriate for both, Vanilla+ and Modded Gameplay.
All Enchantments can be further tweaked in the config file, with almost complete control.


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Unique Enchantments Base


This mod also has 2 Addons:

Unique Enchantments: Utils
Unique Enchantments: Battle 



This is a Forge Mod.



About a Fabric Port:

We would love to have a Fabric port of Unique Enchantments, sadly neither of us have any Experience with that.
So we are looking for a developer who can port it for us to fabric, if you are interested.
Mod is opensource and has a Fabric branch that we accept Pullrequests for. (License is MIT)



Regarding Cross-Mod Usage & Interaction:

Over the years this Mod has been regularly receiving feedback of balance and usage with other Mods, so I(Xaikii, the author) deem it to be necessary to clear up some things.
First and foremost, yes this Mod is Vanilla+ FRIENDLY, not meaning it is designed to be used exactly for Vanilla, but you can. This mod is meant to be used together with other Mods, in fact the entire balancing revolves around other Mods being used alongside.
That being said over the years players have reported cases of going overboard and laughing how BROKEN certain things are, while combining features of 7+ Mods to create a Weapon that can 1-shot Ice&Fire Dragons... like come on...

To be straight, the balancing of this Mod is decided with 2 further Mods:
Silent Gear 
Apotheosis (or similar Mods)

this doesnt mean you have to use them, but rather I go for these 2 Mods and would recommend them for the full experience.

The more important Part is, using other Enchantment Mods alongside this one.
While this has neither right nor wrong, everything is depending on your Packs.
Nonetheless there are Mods I'd recommend, being:
Wonderful Enchantments
FlashFyre's Enchantments

this doesnt mean other Enchantment Mods are bad along side this Mod, but rather not recommended due to opposite balancing or straight up overlapping effects.



You can find a List of all Enchantments & their effects on our wiki.


Every Enchantment can be disabled, yet disabling means that you cant acquire it anymore(through normal methods),
Tools with said Enchantment, will still have the Enchantment fully functional.

Also you can reload your changes ingame with a Command ( /unique_enchantments).
For the Changes to take effect, you have to reequip your Items due to "PlayerModifiers".


1.14.4+ Configuration:
In order to add Blocks to certain Enchantments, you have to create a Datapack.

The Paths are:



Unique Enchantments is free to use in any Modpack.



If you want to do a Spotlight, just message us with the video link, we will add it to the page.

Bears Den (1.12.2-1.7.0)

Note this Spotlight is ruff. So read a bit before you watch it.


Bears Den(1.12.2-1.0):



Chinese: rtxyd [Removed due to being heavily outdated]
English: Natively Supported
French: RuKinPGM
German: Xaikii
Russian: In-Works by Xaikii 


 For inquiries and co. you can contact Xaikii#5318 on Discord.


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