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Wings introduces nine pairs of wings of avian and insectoid variety for quick aerial travel. The wings are damageable items obtained through crafting that are worn as a chest piece.


Fairy Dust

An essential ingredient to the recipes is Fairy Dust, a resource obtained from Fairy Dust Ore, which has a similar rarity to iron ore. This resource is also usable for wing repair in an anvil.

Bat Blood

An additional resource used in crafting is Bat Blood, which is obtained by using an empty bottle on a bat.


The final new resource is Amethyst, mined from Amethyst Ore, which has a similar rarity to diamond ore.


Wings Usage

To fly, have a pair of wings equipped, and press the flight key (default bound to 'R'). The direction you look controls movement and the flight key or touching the ground will end flight.

Mod Integration

Baubles is supported for equipping wings on the body, to be worn on top of armor.

Future Development

Currently the sole difference between wing variants is durability, but further differentiation is planned and suggestions are appreciated.


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