Immersive Tech

11,145,550 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 8, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Immersive Tech is an addon for Immersive Engineering.
Basicaly, it adds a new method to produce energy (RF) using the sun.
It adds 4 multiblock structures:

  • Distiller, 3x3x3 machine which produces Distilled Water from normal Water.
  • Solar Tower, 3x7x3 machine which produce Steam from water distilled and normal (distilled is more efficient). The Solar Tower needs at least 1 Solar Reflector to work.
  • Solar Reflector, 3x5x1 multiblock which reflects sunlight in the direction of the Solar Tower.
  • Steam Turbine, 3x4x12 massive machine which produces energy from steam


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