Rebind Narrator

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You should know: RandomPatches, by TheRandomLabs, does this and more! If you're just casually browsing for mods to install, psst, you should probably get that one instead. It's a great mod with lots of cool patches.



This is a tiny (core)mod that adds an option to the vanilla controls GUI for the narrator, implementing MC-122645.


It defaults to Ctrl-B, the same as vanilla's default, but now you can change it (or just unbind it) through the keybindings menu. The option is located under "Miscellaneous".


A common use case is avoiding key conflicts with mods that default to B; fat-fingering and hitting Ctrl by accident can toggle on the narrator, and it's really frustrating. Also useful if you like to use the Ctrl-B key combination for something else. Or: if you just don't like the narrator ;)


Source available on Github. This is public domain software under CC0, so you're free to put this into modpacks, repost it wherever you want, fork it, port it, etc etc.


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