Rebind Narrator


It's 2021. It's 2022. It's 2023. Society has progressed little in the past 20 years. The world is falling apart. You still can't change the Narrator keybinding in Minecraft.

Well, now you can.


🆕 in version 2:

  • I rewrote it lol.
  • On fabric, respects your AMECS key modifiers and your No More Useless Keys key alternates, if you have either or both of those mods installed.
  • There's a Forge version now. It's marked as the blue "beta" on the sidebar because it's 2021 it's 2022 it's 2023 and CurseForge still doesn't separate loaders. Respects your Forge key modifiers.


If you have some mod that extends keybinds in some way (like AMECS or No More Useless Keys), and the narrator key isn't respecting those keybinding extensions: send bugs to me, not to them. It's overwhelmingly likely to be on my end, just because of how the narrator key works in this game.


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