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NOTE: As of 1.5.0, BetterRecords now requires Shadowfacts' Forgelin.


Better Records adds the ability to listen to your favorite songs, as music discs in Minecraft!

Listen to internet radio streams, or etch a record in-game with the URL to an mp3, wav, or ogg file and it will download and play for you and all your friends!

Use lasers and strobe lights to add streams of color and flashes of light!

Increase the radius by connecting speakers!



Help! I'm confused and something doesn't work!

For more information, check our Wiki. Although it's a work in progress, it might have the answer you seek. Otherwise, report it to our Issue Tracker if it's a bug. For everything else, ask on Discord

How do I use my own mp3 file?

Doing so it easy, it just needs to be hosted online.

Here you'll find a document explaining how to do it with Dropbox

Why won't my YouTube link work?

YouTube links are not supported, nor are there plans to. You need to use an mp3, wav, or ogg file

I found a bug!

Please report it to our issue tracker

Can I include this in my mod pack?

Yes. Just be sure to link back to the Curse page


Where is the 1.7.10 version?

A lot of the 1.7.10 version was written before I took over the project, and did some major refactoring. The 1.7.10 version relied on some external web resources that may or may not be available, as well as contained many game breaking/crashing bugs. Because of this, 1.7.10 versions were taken down. There are no plans to support a five year outdated version.