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AbyssalCraft Integration

This mod is a previous part of AbyssalCraft split into a separate mod. What it does is handle integrations between AbyssalCraft and other mods (and you are free to suggest any integration you think should exist between AbyssalCraft and mod X). Since this is an add-on, it won't do anything unless AbyssalCraft is installed (as it depends on it).


Currently integrated mods are:

  • Not Enough Items/Just Enough Items (this integration is still in the main mod, so don't worry about that)
  • Thaumcraft (adds 2 new aspects, several new wand cores and wand caps, upgrade kits for Thaumcraft materials, and assigns Aspects to most content in AbyssalCraft)
  • Equivalent Exchange 3 (assigns EMC values to all items/blocks)
  • Morph (hands display when morphed into AbyssalCraft mobs, and abilities has been assigned to all mobs)
  • MineTweaker 3/CraftTweaker (you can add recipes for AbyssalCraft machines and rituals through MineTweaker scripts, click here for more info)
  • ProjectE (assigns EMC values to all items/blocks)
  • Tinkers' Construct (adds molten versions of the various metals in the mod, and allows you to cast parts from said molten metals)
  • Better Questing (adds tasks for various machines present in the mod, and rituals)
  • Vampirism (see Vampirism Integration for more info)
  • Game Stages (you can stage rituals through CraftTweaker)
  • Bewitchment (Statues, Dreadlands Infused Powerstones, Ghoul Heads, Crystal Clusters and Necronomicons can be used as altar boosters)
  • Mods that uses the OreDictionary for recipes involving ore dusts (this mod adds Abyssalnite, Refined Coralium and Dreadium dust that should work with any mod that detects if an ore has a ingot and a dust form)


If you need information about a specific integration, most (if not all) information should be available in the Necronomicon under Other Information -> AbyssalCraft Integration.


This mod is NOT compatible with any AbyssalCraft versions prior to 1.8.8.


If you're a mod user (or a mod author) and you want to have an integration between AbyssalCraft and mod X, you can post suggestions for it here or on the Github repository for the mod. The suggestion should be balanced between the two mods, and most of all, be reasonable. Mod authors can do the same, or write an AbyssalCraft plugin in their own mod, or add their integration as a plugin to the mod straight away (there will be guidelines and instructions for this at the github repo).



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This mod may be redistributed as part of a modpack, provided proper credit to the author (me, Shinoow) is given, along with a link back to the Curse/CurseForge page for the mod. You are not allowed to redistribute the mod on third party websites (by mirroring the mod or creating a "mod installer"), and legal actions will be taken against websites found violating this.



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