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So I was browsing for 1.12.2 mods that adds proper backstabbing to Minecraft with configurable. Unfortunately, those that do add it does it poorly, are hard to find, or are just outdated. So I was like, why not add a mod dedicated to adding backstabbing in MC like in TF2, CS:GO or other games. With it some basic daggers and customization for modpacks.


  • Daggers that can BackStab
  • A config that lets you make any item be able to backstab, and mess with other stuff

*If you are updating from an older version to 1.0.3, the old configuration file must be deleted*

Also, check out Laike_Endaril's Dynamic Stealth mod!

Recommended to use JEI

Please keep suggestions in issues tracker

Mod created by Inforno (also textures)

You can use in modpacks as long as give credit. Do not claim as your own or reupload without permission.



Q. Does this work with other mods?
A. Yes, use the config file to add item id's from any mod
Q. Does this work on players?
A. Yup



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