ProjectE Integration

Modlist Support



ProjectE Integration adds support for custom conversions and has mappers to automatically add conversions for all supported mods!

What this means is that supported mods (I.E: EnderIO) will have their recipes (I.E: Soul Binder) collected and turned into some variables that ProjectE can make a conversion from!


Report issues or suggestions on Github here otherwise I might not see them.

Anything else, contact me on discord: TagnumElite#9339 or here.



This mod was inspired by Expanded Equivalence and was started because I tried to work on Expanded Equivalence by decided it would be better to make a separate mod that does everything without Core Modding.



Issues and Suggestions must be made on the GitHub Repo Issue tracker.


Comments have been renabled, I will check in here from time to time but don't expect any support.



I don't really care unless used for malicious purposes then I will request it to be removed.

Redistribution is forbidden unless used for modpacks by Curseforge/ATLauncher/Technic/Feed The Beast.