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This Modpack is one of the hardest ones you might ever play


To make this pack really hard it contains mods such as Lycanite Mobs, Ice and Fire and Scaling Health.

Also in this pack, you can't just craft diamond armor normally, instead, you have to go through every other armor below diamond.

There are other mods as well to make the pack more fun to play and enjoy with Upgradable pickaxes(Max LVL- Can even be stronger than a sword)

You want to enjoy more, then explore around your world and discover ruins and even life in the End and Nether or even underwater and underground


Don't worry there are lots of mod which might seem OP, but in reality they are just not enough, unless there is a insta-kill AOE attack


There's also magic in the world as well with Electroblobs Wizardry

To make the pack easier as you play I've included ProjectE for all your needs

Want to make it even easier? Well, then there are fluid cows and material chickens.


About Servers


Click on the picture above, select plan(recommended at least 4GB), use my code Cursed to get 25% off your first month and enjoy playing with your friends!


These are some other goals if you feel like being lonely and want to have fun

-Collect all of the different hats

-Do at least like a 100 quests from the king

-Kill/Tame all different types of Animals/Monster

-Destroy the world with Ore Excavation-you won't need food


Also here is video of me suffering while trying to survive 2 days in version 1.4.0 

(Place Holder for the first to survive 25 days in Survival -  I need proof with video)





 Join My Discord to chat and enjoy!